‘The Golden Girls’: Betty White Revealed Her Favorite Episode Involved Milking of ‘Every Short Joke’

by Madison Miller

Betty White had been in 208 different episodes of the classic sitcom,”The Golden Girls.”

She played Rose Nylund, a naive yet incredibly lovable character. Betty White has been in a huge assortment of roles during her decades in the entertainment world (enough to give her the title “First Lady of Television.”)

Betty White’s Favorite Episode

There is one episode in particular of the ’80s sitcom that has always stood out to Betty White. In an interview at the PaleyFest LA in 2006, White revealed which episode was her favorite. The name of the episode is “A Little Romance.” She had a hard time picking and clarified after that “they’re all my favorites.”

“It was such a sweet story. Without making fun of him, they milked it for every short joke they could possibly get. There was a sweetness about it …” White said.

This episode aired on December 14, 1985, in the first season of “The Golden Girls.” Betty White’s character, Rose, has been dating a man named Dr. Jonathan Newman for a bit. In fact, she thinks the relationship is on the path toward marriage. Her new boyfriend is a little person, which she doesn’t mention to her friends before he comes to visit.

The show tells the story in a way that is not offensive, yet still hilarious. The jokes involving height are tasteful. Blanche, in particular, slips up and continues to accidentally make height-related jokes. At one point, Blanche and Dorothy are talking in the kitchen. Blanche declares that she is being rude toward their guest and needs to be better.

She marches outside with an appetizer, looks at Newman, and says, “Shrimp?” She immediately notices what it sounds like and does a hilarious full-circle back to the kitchen.

The episode is an excellent example of the kind of dynamic humor that existed between the four main women of “The Golden Girls.”

Betty White Favorite ‘The Golden Girls’ Memories

By the time Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Betty White were on “The Golden Girls,” they were all seasoned sitcom experts. It was clear just from watching the show.

Now, it is also something that White, the last surviving member of the core cast, remembers fondly about her time on the show.

“It started the first day of the first read-through for the pilot. We showed up for the read-through [and] it was like batting a tennis ball over the net. It was so exciting to be with four people with that chemistry. I’ll never forget that first read. It was like we had been working together forever. I still get goosebumps thinking about it,” Betty White said, according to a US Magazine article from 2019.

She recalls they all “had such fun together.” The rest of the cast of “The Golden Girls” once convinced White that there was a cat stuck in the walls of the set. They set up a tape recorder and had it play a loop of a cat meowing. White was a known lover of animals and continues to be an advocate for them.

She quickly got over the joke and everyone laughed together over White’s extravagant reaction. White went as far as talking to the wall to tell the cat everything would be okay.