‘The Golden Girls’: Young George Clooney Made Appearance on Show to Maintain Medical Insurance

by Katie Maloney

The Golden Girls fans, grab some cheesecake because we are reliving one of the sexiest moments in the show’s history.

Undoubtedly, The Golden Girls is an iconic show. But the show made a name for itself more than just witty dialogue and hilarious antics. The Golden Girls showed the world, that women of all ages can live vibrant, fun, and lust-filled lives. Speaking of lust. The show quickly became known for its sexy male guest stars. Everyone from Burt Reynolds to Sono Bono to Geroge Clooney made appearances on the show.

During an interview, Jim Colucci, author of The Golden Girls Forever, talked about the way the show’s sexy guest stars made a point.

“These were women that the writers were always trying to show were still active in every way, including sexually, and having vibrancy in every way, including sexually,” said Colucci. “And so, what better shorthand to show they were interested in a hunk than to name the hunk of the day…”

But not all of the show’s stars were well-off famous actors. In fact, George Clooney hadn’t yet made a name for himself in show business when he appeared on the show. During an interview, Clooney’s agent admitted that Clooney took the gig “so he can maintain his medical insurance.” Turns out, as an actor, you had to meet a certain quota of gigs to keep your medical insurance.

George Clooney on The Golden Girls

George Clooney Played a Police Officer on The Golden Girls

Clooney appeared during season 2, episode 24 of The Golden Girls. The episode was titled “To Catch a Neighbor,” and featured suspected jewel thieves who lived near the girls’ home. During the episode, two police officers show up at the girls’ home to set up a stakeout and investigate the suspects. One of the officers named Bobby Hopkins is played by a very young George Clooney. The police officers tell the girls that they have the right to remain in their home during the stakeout. So, of course, the girls stay and they take full advantage of the opportunity to flirt with the officers. Of course, hilarity ensues.

Just a short time later, Clooney landed a role on ER and made his movie debut in from Dusk Til Dawn. He quickly became a worldwide sex icon and was even named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine. The Golden Girls certainly know how to pick ’em! The funniest part is that Blanche didn’t even really flirt with George Clooney’s character during the episode. She was too focused on the lead investigator. You missed a golden opportunity, Blanche!