‘The Love Boat’: Andy Griffith, Cloris Leachman and Andy Warhol All Guest-Starred in This Episode

by Keeli Parkey

Here’s a trivia question for you. What classic television show included Andy Griffith, Cloris Leachman, and Andy Warhol as guest stars in the same episode?

You might be thinking it would be a variety show or late-night program that would bring such an odd group of individuals together. However, this trio actually appeared in the very same episode of “The Love Boat.”

The classic television show aired from 1977 until 1987.

According to an article on MeTV.com, Griffith, Leachman, and Warhol all acted together in “The Love Boat” episode entitled, “Hidden Treasure / Picture from the Past / Ace’s Salary.”

Also acting on the episode with them were Milton Berle, Tom Bosley, and Marion Ross. According to information available on IMDb.com, this episode of “The Love Boat” aired on Oct. 12, 1985.

MeTV.com also reported that the “Hidden Treasure / Picture from the Past / Ace’s Salary” episode was ranked by TV Guide as No. 82 on its list of the 100 greatest episodes of all time.

Andy Warhol Stands Out in Television Episode

Even though he was on the small screen with television stars and a legendary comedian, artist Andy Warhol really stood out. His appearance on “The Love Boat” took place only 16 months before he died.

Appearing on one of the most popular shows of its time was also something that fit into Warhol’s wheelhouse. The artist was keyed into what was going on in the culture around him, according to the article. “The Love Boat” brought pop culture to television audiences.

And, while the show might seem like an odd place for an artist and icon like Andy Warhol to appear, it actually makes some sense. As the MeTV.com article puts it: “… if there was any space where painters and artists could brush shoulders with soap stars and teen idols, it was aboard the Pacific Princess, the luxury liner that set sail every Saturday night on ABC’s ‘The Love Boat.'”

The episode captured Andy Warhol as he normally appeared, according to the article.

“(Andy Warhol) wore black Levi 501s … a black Brooks Brothers turtleneck sweater, an L.L. Bean red down vest, a black leather car coat by Stephen Sprouse, white or black Reeboks, a big crystal around his neck and big black-framed glasses. …” Warhol’s friend Christopher Makos reportedly said. “His last look was as chic as ever, although the overall effect had a lot to do with his general aura: It was as though he’d accomplished everything imaginable in his lifetime.”

Guest Stars Were Key to the Success of ‘The Love Boat’

According to the MeTV.com article, “The Love Boat” typically had five or more guest stars per episode. Also, the show aired for 250 episodes.

Other famous guest stars who sailed on “The Love Boat” included Gloria Vanderbilt, Halston, and Geoffrey Beene. Others were Menudo, The Village People, Hulk Hogan, The Pointer Sisters, and Joe Namath.