‘The Love Boat’: Julie McCoy Actress Explained Character’s Job Was About ‘Hook-Ups,’ Not Love

by Joe Rutland

“The Love Boat” apparently had a lot more going on in each episode than having just a bunch of celebrities, old and young alike, cross paths.

Lauren Tewes, who played cruise director Julie McCoy on the popular 1970s ABC show, says her job wasn’t really about love. Tewes says it was all about getting people together for free sex.

Wait a minute. You mean there was more bed-hopping activity going on than wholesome love stories on that show? Color us shocked.

“Now people remember the show in a whole different reality than it really was,” Tewes said on “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” in 2014, TODAY reports.

‘The Love Boat’ Was Really ‘All About Sex And Free Sex’

“Which I think is funny because they remember it being this sweet, lovey show — and I remember people giving us trouble for, you know, being all about sex and free sex,” Tewes said.

“‘Cause it was about free sex. Julie never actually had any but she tried to hook people up three and four times a cruise if possible. I mean, that was her — my — job.

“And if (one relationship) didn’t work out, Julie will find you another one,” Tewes added.

Actor Ted Lange, who played bartender Isaac, once added, “Yeah, I was getting them soused so they could do it.”

Lange’s character got caught up in the action thanks to “dream-come-true” episodes.

For one called “Isaac the Groupie,” he is entangled with singer Roxy Blue (Diahann Carroll). Well, they fall in love yet eventually part ways before the hour-long episode ends.

‘Love Boat’ Producers Try Romance With McCoy, ‘Gopher’

“The Love Boat” producers thought they’d get some action going between McCoy and the ship’s purser named “Gopher.”

The romance “was a telling show because it was one of people’s favorites,” actor Fred Grandy, who played “Gopher,” told EW.

“When the producers got wind of that, they said, ‘These relationships are worth exploring as well.’”

So when watching “The Love Boat” these days, look for something else than your favorite celebrity getting on board.

Lauren Tewes Was Dealing With Drug Problems On Show

Tewes, though, had some serious drug problems while she was on “The Love Boat.” It eventually cost her a spot on the cast.

McCoy’s appearance is fun and upbeat on the TV show. Real life, though, painted a different picture.

“I was trying to keep my job, keep my husband, keep my house,” Tewes reveals in a 1985 interview with TV Guide magazine. “I was trying to please everybody, and I was destroying myself.”

Tewes is open about her misuse of cocaine and the negative effects she suffered from the substance. She admits to wasting the majority of her earnings from “The Love Boat” on the drug.

“All that money didn’t go into a bank. It went into my nose,” Tewes said.

H/T: Today