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‘The Lucy Show’: Parley Baer Often Guest-Starred on Two of Lucille Ball’s TV Shows

by John Jamison
(Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Parley Baer, the actor best know for playing Mayor Roy Stoner on “The Andy Griffith Show,” had a career that spanned more than five decades. During that time, he was a go-to choice for roles that required someone who projected authority. As a result of his prowess in this area, he made multiple appearances on two different Lucille Ball television shows, “The Lucy Show” and “Here’s Lucy.”

Baer’s characters ranged from doctors to senators, but they almost always had him playing an authority figure.

“The Lucy Show” ran from 1962-1968, and throughout that time, Parley Baer appeared in five episodes. He played a different character in most of them, showing up as both a judge and a colonel over the years.

In “Here’s Lucy,” running from 1968-1974, Baer made two appearances. Both times he played the character of Dr. Cunningham.

Parley Baer’s ‘The Lucy Show’ and ‘Here’s Lucy’ Episodes

In an episode of “The Lucy Show” titled “Lucy, the Meter Maid” from 1964, Parley Baer shows up as the judge. In the episode, Lucy works as a meter maid and lets the power get to her head. She eventually writes Vivian up for a bunch of traffic violations, which Vivian then contests in court. Baer’s judge is quickly fed up with Lucy’s behavior.

“Well, perhaps some of these charges have been provoked… and exaggerated!” says Parley Baer’s judge character during the episode.

In an episode of “Here’s Lucy” titled “Lucy’s Vacation” from 1971, Lucy wants to go on vacation to Palm Springs. Unfortunately, she has used up all of her time off, and the only way she can go is if she gets fired. She tries to figure out ways to get Harry to fire her, but he simply won’t. Why? Because Parley Baer’s character, Dr. Cunningham, has advised Harry to treat her nicely.

In another one titled “Lucy’s Bonus Bounces” from 1971, Baer’s Dr. Cunningham once again gives Harry advice. This time, he advises Harry to give Lucy a raise. Lucy doesn’t understand why she’s being given the raise, and a cycle of paranoia ensues.

Baer’s guest appearances on “The Lucy Show” and “Here’s Lucy” marked a small stretch of his lengthy career, but they were indicative of the types of characters he most often played.