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The Matrix Films Made Keanu Reeves Reportedly the Highest Paid Actor in Any Franchise

by Craig Garrett
Keanu Reeves
(Photo by Sam Santos/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Pictures Canada)

Keanu Reeves has allegedly made more money from The Matrix franchise than any other actor in a single movie series. Reeves has been the star of all four Matrix films, including the recent The Matrix Resurrections. He plays Thomas A. Anderson–better known by his hacker alias Neo. Guided by the Wachowski directors’ vision, these science-fiction blockbusters dazzled audiences worldwide.

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The Daily Mail reports that Keanu has emerged victorious among blockbuster heavyweights. He’s even topped the likes of Tom Cruise for Mission: Impossible to be crowned the highest-earning movie juggernaut. With a budget of only $63 million, 1999’s The Matrix far exceeded expectations. It earned an impressive domestic total of $171.4 million. It also earned a staggering worldwide total of $466.6 million during its theatrical run.

As reported by LadBible, there’s a list of film stars who have earned at least $30 million for one movie. It turns out that Keanu Reeves has made an astonishing sum of $156 million from the Matrix franchise. Tied for a close second place were Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, and Will Smith – all of whom made $100 million dollars solely from their big-screen appearances.

Keanu Reeves made most of the considerable wealth via ‘back-end payment’

According to a 2021 report from Variety, which examined the ever-evolving payment brackets for A-list movie stars in the streaming age, Keanu Reeves was paid between $12 and $14 million as his base rate for The Matrix Resurrections. When compared to the $10 million that Reeves received for his role in 1999’s The Matrix, the actor is receiving a few additional millions as part of this latest installment.

In addition to his base salary, the report stated that Reeves would be paid a ‘back-end payment’ after The Matrix Resurrections completed its run in theaters. At the time, it was uncertain what amount the actor gained from the deal. However, it was reported that Reeves earned an extra $25 million in back-end deals after appearing in the first movie. The Matrix’s popularity propelled the Wachowski siblings (formerly Larry and Andy, now Lana and Lilly) to create two more films in quick succession: The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

The exact salary earned by Reeves for Reloaded and Revolutions was not disclosed. However, Celebrity Net Worth reported a whopping $120+ million in bonuses given to him from both sequels. Recent reports have revealed that Keanu Reeves’ financial success has only continued to grow over time. Not only did the acclaimed actor earn a considerable amount from his celebrated performances in blockbuster films, but he is also known for his generous philanthropy. He’s reportedly donated sizable sums of money to worthwhile charities throughout his career.