‘The Munsters’ Reboot Set for the Silver Screen in Movie Form

by Katie Maloney
Photo: Silver Screen Collection / Contributor via Getty

Get ready Boils and Ghouls, “The Munsters” are back!

It’s been more than five decades since the last episode of “The Munsters” aired in 1966. Nevertheless, people are still all about the Munsters. To this day you can find Lily, Herman or Eddie Munster costumes on Halloween. The theme song for the show is still a widely popular tune, and countless TV shows, movies, and celebrities still reference the show.

But fans no longer have to reminisce about the series that ran from 1964-66. They don’t even have to look back on the two revival movies, “Munster, Go Home,” and “The Munsters’ Scary Little Christmas.” Nope, there’s no more looking back because The Munsters are here again! Singer-songwriter, and director Rob Zombie announced yesterday that he will be writing and directing a new film about the macabre family. However, he hasn’t yet released any details about the movie. The only thing we know is that Zombie is working with Universal Studios’ 1440 Entertainment home entertainment division. The 1440 company makes movies and series for worldwide distribution across all non-theatrical platforms. This means that the movie will probably go directly to streaming – which means it could be more easily accessible to all of us sooner.

Will the New Munsters Movie Be Set in Modern Times?

The original series followed the Transylvanian family as they acclimated to life in an American suburb. The show followed husband and wife Herman and Lily Munster, their son Eddie, niece Marilyn and Count-Dracula look-alike, Grandpa. Eddie looked like an adorable little werewolf child while Marilyn was the only conventionally beautiful member of the group which made her the “ugly duckling” of the family. So, this new reboot has us asking lots of questions. First, will the movie feature the same characters? We’re all for modern interpretations of the classics but we’re really hoping that the movie sticks with the original characters. We can’t imagine anyone else but the original crew starring in the new movie.

Our next question is, will any of the original cast members make appearances in the movie? There are only two surviving cast members: Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster on the show, and Pat Priest who played Marylin. Priest is currently 84 years old and Patrick is 67. Wouldn’t it be cool to see the original actors make appearances in the new reboot?

Okay, our final question: Will Spot have a role in the movie? Who can forget the Munsters beloved pet dragon, Spot? He was often seen lounging around the house on the show. But his favorite location in the Munster Mansion was his lair under the front staircase. It wouldn’t be a Munsters movie without Spot, so we’re hoping he makes a comeback in the new reboot. Hopefully, we’ll have more details about the upcoming movie soon.