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‘The Munsters’ Reboot Shares Behind the Scenes Photo of Grandpa

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

To say that Rob Zombie is a divisive filmmaker would be an understatement. His original films like House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects split horror fans down the middle. Some believe the films are a revival of the classic grindhouse style of filmmaking. Others, though, see them as by-the-numbers shock films. However, the most divisive of his films are the Halloween remakes. Some serious horror fans claim that he took the subtlety and quiet dread of the John Carpenter classic and replaced it with screaming foul-mouthed hillbillies and gore. So, when he announced that he would reboot The Munsters, fans were skeptical.

The Munsters was campy, fun, wholesome, and a little spooky, so fans feared a Zombie-helmed reboot. However, the filmmaker has released several behind-the-scenes photos from the set. In them, it appears that Rob is sticking to the spirit of the original series. In the latest sneak peek photo, we can see Dan Roebuck, who will play Grandpa Munster, getting fitted for a custom coffin. Check it out below.

In the post’s caption, Rob Zombie wrote. “It’s Monday! Time to measure Dan Roebuck for his custom coffin. He can’t just buy one off the rack.” Seeing Roebuck as Grandpa gives me hope for the Munsters reboot.

Roebuck may not look much like Al Lewis, the original Grandpa Munster but his costume is on point. At the very least, it looks like the Munsters reboot is sticking close to the style of the original. We’ll have to wait for a trailer to see how well Zombie understood the assignment when he adapted the iconic series into a movie.

Dan Roebuck on His Role in the ‘Munsters’ Reboot

Rob Zombie’s wife Sheri Moon Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips will round out the main cast of the Munsters reboot. They’ll play Lily and Herman respectively. Recently, Daniel Roebuck spoke to Horror Geek Life about his role in the film and how he has been preparing for it his entire life.

He talked about getting the call from Rob Zombie inviting him to be in the Munsters reboot. Of course, he accepted because he, like Rob, loves the original series. Then, he said, “After it sank in, I had the epiphany that I’d been preparing for this role my whole life. I’m in this movie because it’s God’s will, it’s where he wants me to be. I created a character when I was twelve years old and I named him The Count. Rob told me the character in the script was named The Count.” To Roebuck, the fact that his new character and the one that he created all those years ago are both funny vampires called The Count is a sign that this movie was meant to be.

Later in the interview, Roebuck revealed what he hoped audiences would get out of the Munsters reboot. “I really hope audiences walk away feeling entertained and laughing.”