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‘The Murder of Gabby Petito’ Trailer Released, Documentary Coming to Peacock

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images)

A documentary about the murder of Gabby Petito premieres Friday, December 17th on Peacock. You can watch the trailer here.

The story of Gabby Petito’s disappearance and also murder is devastating. Sparking a worldwide media frenzy, the case was followed and investigated by millions. Now, a new documentary “sheds a new light” on the story.

“The Murder of Gabby Petito: Truth, Lies and Social Media” drops Friday, December 17th on Peacock. The streaming service just released the documentary’s chilling trailer. Friends and family of Petito talk about the tragic events that took place. The film also examines the role of social media in solving the case. The trailer shows a combination of interview clips and raw footage.

“[The documentary] examines Gabby’s life through the curated lens she created and immerses the viewer in the world of social media sleuthing that was crucial to the case,” the synopsis reads. “The film gives a fresh take on the case that captivated millions with insight and reflections from her parents along the way.”

Mixed Reactions on Social Media

The film announcement is receiving mixed reactions online. Some people believe that the documentary is important to watch in order to honor Gabby’s life. Others also believe that Petito’s tragic story is not a piece of entertainment. But is the documentary bringing her family peace? Or, is it a money grab?

“I won’t be watching this out of respect for Gabby Petito’s tragic life and death. Enough already! Let her rest!” @MilleCaroline tweets.

“Looking forward to watching this. Light needs to be shed on Gabby.” @MaLIKyEEsWoRID adds.

Gabby Petito’s parents were involved in the making of the documentary. They want to share their daughter’s story first-hand.

“It was like every parent’s nightmare,” Gabby’s stepfather, Jim Schmidt, says in the trailer. ““Just like, in a flash of second. She’s gone, she’s missing.”

The Gabby Petito Foundation

To honor their daughter’s memory, Gabby Petito’s parents launched The Gabby Petito Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that assists victims of domestic abuse.

“The mission of the foundation is to address the needs of organizations that support locating missing persons and to provide aid to organizations that assist victims of domestic violence situations, through education, awareness, and prevention strategies,” their website reads.

The foundation also offers a $1000 scholarship to a special student. Graduating seniors from both of Petito’s hometown schools are able to apply. Her love of the arts still inspires her parents. They want the money to go to a student who wants to pursue a future in the visual or performing arts. Moreso, they want the student to “personify Gabby’s youthful and free-spirited likeness.”

For instance, the Gabby Petito Annual High School Scholarship keeps her memory alive. It also gives back to her community.

For more information, visit The Gabby Petito Foundation’s website.