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‘The Partridge Family’: Danny Bonaduce Revealed Who His Closest Relationship in the Cast Was

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Actor Danny Bonaduce played smarty-pants kid Danny on “The Partridge Family.” He needed some safety at times and found it in Dave Madden.

You might need a little refresher on just who Madden was on the show. He played Reuben Kincaid, the Partridges’ group manager. Madden, before joining the cast of “The Partridge Family,” spent a season on NBC’s popular “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.”

Madden, though, played a very real-life role in Bonaduce’s personal life. The young kid’s home life was a mess as his father consistently beat up Bonaduce.

So Madden took it upon himself to protect Bonaduce and even have fun, happy times with the young kid both on and off the set.

Bonaduce Finds Safety With ‘The Partridge Family’ Costar

In an interview with cmongethappy.com, Bonaduce said that Madden “was my surrogate father.”

“It’s funny – looking back, I just thought, ‘What a charming kid I must have been for everyone to be fighting to take me home on the weekend,'” Bonaduce said. “But in watching those VH-1 and E! specials, apparently they were tired of waiting for me to have my injuries covered up by make-up.

“They thought, ‘OK – we have to do something to protect this kid,'” Bonaduce said. “And they started taking me home on weekends.”

“They” not only included Madden but even sometimes stars Shirley Jones and David Cassidy would make room for Bonaduce, too.

David Cassidy Sues Over Show Royalties, Wins In Court

Speaking of David Cassidy, he watched Sony Pictures Entertainment ring up dollars off of merchandise related to “The Partridge Family.” Cassidy said that he’d not been paid any royalties from those merchandise sales using his image.

His show from the 1970s, “The Partridge Family,” put him into stardom. Once the show ended, merchandise that included magazines, board games, lunch boxes, and more were out there.

Sony apparently wasn’t paying Cassidy royalties. He took them to court. Cassidy once said that Sony was failing to uphold the contract that he signed all the way back in 1971. That contract was giving him 15 percent of all sales bearing his image.

Cassidy filed claims against Sony Pictures Entertainment, Screen Gems, and CPT Holdings. Reportedly, Sony made about $500 million on his image. Cassidy said that he was only been given around $5,000 for his likeness.

Cassidy was ultimately successful with his challenge against Sony. Reportedly, he won just over $150,000.