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‘The Partridge Family’: Danny Bonaduce’s Father Was Banned from the Show’s Set

by Joe Rutland
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Actors sometimes don’t have the best off-screen lives with their families. Such was the case for Danny Bonaduce from “The Partridge Family.”

Joseph Bonaduce, who was Danny’s father, apparently didn’t treat his son or his siblings with love and respect at all. Obviously, that behavior ended up getting the older Bonaduce banned from the ABC hit show’s set.

Danny Bonaduce sat down for an interview with “The Partridge Family” fan website cmongethappy.com and talked about time with his father and family.

For instance, he was asked when the problems with his father started and if it was around his success on the show.

“Always. From birth,” Bonaduce said.

‘The Partridge Family’ Cast Knew About Bonaduce’s Abuse

Asked if his siblings had similar problems, Bonaduce said, “Yes. Worse. On the physical violence level, they had it worse. My dad did not like me enough to hit (me).

“My dad thought he was disciplining,” Bonaduce said. He added that he, “never thought he was being abusive – ever. He always thought he was doing the right thing, and he did not like me enough to do the right thing by me. Which would have been to whip me – literally – into shape.”

In the interview, Bonaduce was asked who took him to “The Partridge Family” set every day.

“My mom – always,” he said. “My dad came to the set very rarely, and after Year 2 he was banned from the set.”

Bonaduce’s cast members knew about the abuse he was getting at home. Sometimes, the young boy would be in make-up for so long. Why? Because the make-up artists were covering up his bruises. As a result, it worried cast members.

Dave Madden Turns Into A Surrogate Father For Bonaduce

It caused one of them to become a surrogate father of sorts to Bonaduce.

Dave Madden, who played band manager Reuben Kincaid on “The Partridge Family,” saw what was happening. Most importantly, he decided to do his best to protect the young boy.

“They thought, ‘OK – we have to do something to protect this kid,’” Bonaduce said. “And they started taking me home on weekends.”

Madden, however, would look out for Bonaduce on the set. He would even spend time playing with him during breaks, too. Likewise, it was all done in a way to protect him from the abuse at home.

Having someone like Madden around helped Danny Bonaduce a lot. It might have even saved his life, too.