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‘The Partridge Family’: David Cassidy Described Legendary Performance Took Him to ‘Next Plateau’

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Bette Marshall/Getty Images)

70s teen heartthrob and performance icon, David Cassidy said this one role took him to the next level in his career – and it wasn’t The Partridge Family.

David Cassidy stole the hearts of countless fans when he starred in the musical sitcom, The Partridge Family, along with his step-mom Shirley Jones. The show featured Jones as a widowed mother of five children and Cassidy as the oldest of the five siblings. The family bands together to embark on a music career. David Cassidy soared to fame after the show’s premiere. But it wasn’t his time with The Partridge Family that Cassidy attributes to the next-step in his career. During a 2001 interview, Cassidy said that one of the highlights of his career included acting with his brother Shaun for the 1993 Broadway show Blood Brothers.

“Probably one of the highlights of my life was being on Broadway with my brother Shaun,” said Cassidy. “It was so successful instantly for the both of us and it changed my life and his . . . It took me to the next plateau and people saw me as not just a pop star but as an actor and as a draw for ticket sales.”

Cassidy also added that he was grateful for all the support his fans gave him.

“I am somebody who has taken a great journey and been dealt a phenomenal hand,” said Cassidy. “And I love the fact that people who have cared about me, and I mean the fans, have always been there for me and I have tried to give them my best.”

David Cassidy and his brother Shaun in Blood Brothers.

David Cassidy Only Made $600 A Week On The Partridge Family

Although The Partridge Family record sales were topping the charts, and David Cassidy was a worldwide teen idol, he only made $600 per week. Companies were making a fortune off of his image through merchandise and shows but Cassidy’s contract didn’t require them to pay him any royalties or even ask his permission. Even the David Cassidy fan club charged money for fans to join but none of that money went to Cassidy. Companies plastered his face on everything from lunch boxes, to t-shirts, to posters and board games but Cassidy was only earning a flat salary of $600 a week. 

It was only after Cassidy’s agent realized that he signed his contract before he was 18-years-old, that she was able to renegotiate his terms. He received a new weekly salary and compensation for anything created in his name or with his photo.

David Cassidy performs “I Think I Love You” with The Partridge Family.