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‘The Partridge Family’: Only One Cast Member Was Intended To Sing At First

by Joe Rutland
(Getty Images)

“The Partridge Family” originally was just going to have star Shirley Jones sing. That’s it, until show producers heard David Cassidy sing.

Then those original plans were scrapped ASAP. What ended up happening is Jones and Cassidy were the lone cast members who sing with their real voices.

Even on “The Partridge Family” albums, the lone voices who actually were heard on the show were Jones and Cassidy.

Having Jones sing is a no-brainer. Before coming to the TV show, she put up a list of Broadway and film credits.

They included “Oklahoma!”, “Carousel”, “Elmer Gantry”, and “The Music Man.” Her voice was beautiful and could carry notes for a long time.

David Cassidy Is ‘The Partridge Family’ Lead Singer

Yet Cassidy managed to hold his own, too. His voice became the lead vocalist for the group. Playing Keith Partridge earned him an incredible following and massive wealth, too.

Cassidy’s father, actor Jack Cassidy, had a stage and TV career of his own. Jones, in real life, was David’s stepmom as she was married to Jack when the show aired.

If you hear “I Think I Love You” on the radio from “The Partridge Family,” then you can hear Cassidy’s voice clearly. Jones sings in the chorus, backed up by studio musicians.

After the show ended, David Cassidy took his musical career to even greater heights. He toured across the United States and around the world. Cassidy made his own records and sold a lot of them.

Cassidy Had ‘No Regrets’ for Wanting Merch Payout

One thing David Cassidy discovered, much to his dismay, is how much his likeness was being used on different types of merchandise. “The Partridge Family” ended its run on ABC in 1974. One might think Cassidy was walking to the bank every day and seeing his dollar signs multiply.

Well, that’s not true. He said in an interview a few years before his death what actually happened.

“They made $500 million,” Cassidy told Yahoo! Life. “… I got $15,000.”

Cassidy saw the situation and decided to do something about it.

“But I was the first person to renegotiate and get a piece of the show, the first person to get anything from these people,” Cassidy said. “It’s little in comparison to today, but it was a lot then, and you have to put things in their proper perspective.

“I would have $80 million instead of $8 million now,” he said. “But that’s fine. It’s great. I did it when I did it, and I have no regrets about doing it. I got to do something that three or four, maybe 10 people in the history of the world — let’s see, the Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Valentino got to do. Maybe nine or 10 people in the history of the planet.”