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‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Finally Meets Viral Tiktok Actor Who Parodies Her

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Food Network star Ree Drummond recently came face-to-face with the Tik Tok version of herself. 

On Wednesday, the Pioneer Woman posted about her recent one-on-one hangout session with viral TikToker Remy Germinario, known for his hilarious videos in which he parodies the star. Drummond shared a photo of the two in the Instagram post and told her fans about the moment. 

“I have a fun story. There’s a cute fella on TikTok named Remy,” the well-known chef captioned the photo about how she first learned of Germinario. 

“I would watch his PW parodies with [my son] Todd and we’d crack up together because they are so spot-on in many cases. Remy and I wound up communicating, and long story short, he took a road trip last week, stopped in Pawhuska, and we got to meet!”

Remy Germinario is a New York actor who impersonates Ree and other Food Network stars on the popular platform. According to Drummond, she first noticed him when she saw his ‘spot-on’ impersonations on the app. The 52-year-old then reached out to him about getting together at her Oklahoma ranch. 

“We had a nice visit, talked about our favorite Broadway shows, and shared our hopes and dreams in life. And then we realized one of those hopes and dreams…by making a video together.”

She added: “Swipe forward to see, and when I tell you this was the tenth take because acting is not my God-given gift…well, anyway. Hope you enjoyed this story, hope you enjoy our video, and hope you will follow @remygerminari on Insta or TikTok! He’s a sweetheart.’

Ree Drummond Collabs With Viral Tiktoker, Hilarity Ensues

The post included a photo of Drummond posing with Germinario, dressed in a floral top and wearing an auburn-colored wig, as they posed from her home. 

The post also included a hilarious moment in which the two collaborate on their own video, shot from Drummond’s own kitchen. “I’m Ree Drummond, Pioneer Woman, and I’m an accidental country girl,’ Germinario says.

At that moment, Drummond walks into the kitchen, exclaiming, “Excuse me!? I’m Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, an accidental country girl!” “Oh! This is awkward!’ Germinario replied. 

“You’re darn tootin it’s awkward! Ladd!’ Drummond added, causing Germinario to grab his things and head for the door. The parody ends with the real Pioneer Woman and the hilarious impersonator standing on her porch, saying together, “Welcome to our frontier!”

As for Drummond, she too has become popular on Tik Tok. She often posts behind-the-scenes clips from her show and personal life with her family. Earlier this year, she went viral on the app after sharing her progress with her weight-loss journey. 

“Starting in January, I decided to get busy and lose some weight,” Drummond said about losing over 40 pounds. “No gimmicks at all. I just cut calories, exercised more, lifted a lot of weights. I look better but I feel so much better and that’s what really counts.”