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‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Posts Fourth of July Pic With Husband That Her ‘Kids Will Hate’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine)

On Sunday, “The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond posted a Fourth of July photo with her husband, but hilariously already knew her kids wouldn’t like the sappy caption.

The Drummond family rang in America’s birthday while celebrating in their Oklahoma hometown in Osage County. Ree and her husband, Ladd, have a huge ranch in the area, but they celebrated in town where The Pioneer Woman Mercantile shop is located. Even though Drummond’s Independence Day photo didn’t share much, her Instagram Story showed off the town’s fireworks display from last night.

Along with the fireworks show she posted a clip and picture of, Drummond shared a pic of her and Ladd. She also made sure to post a caption that her kids would cringe at as they read it. If you can’t have fun and mess with your kids, what’s the point of having them?

Like most other kids out there, Drummond’s children don’t want to see their parents’ public displays of affection. By the sounds of it, Drummond is used to their reactions under similar circumstances. As The Pioneer Woman mentioned on Instagram, she knew her kids would hate her caption calling their father “baby” and saying he’s a “firework.”

“Baby you’re a firework. Our kids will hate this caption,” The Pioneer Woman hilariously joked on Instagram.

‘The Pioneer Woman’ Finally Meets Viral Tiktok Star Who Parodies Her

Recently, The Pioneer Woman finally got to meet the TikTok star who went viral for hysterically impersonating her.

On Wednesday, Ree Drummond shared a picture and video from meeting her amusing doppelgänger. TikToker Remy Germinario has become well-known on the social media platform for his parody videos of the Food Network star. Drummond explained details of their meeting at her Oklahoma ranch, and called Germinario a “sweetheart.”

“I have a fun story. There’s a cute fella on TikTok named Remy,” The Pioneer Woman wrote on Instagram. “He’s a musical actor and comedian in NYC, and I found him because he does parodies (out of love of course!) of Food Network hosts on TikTok.”

“I would watch his PW parodies with [my son] Todd and we’d crack up together because they are so spot-on in many cases. Remy and I wound up communicating, and long story short, he took a road trip last week, stopped in Pawhuska, and we got to meet!” she added.

“We had a nice visit, talked about our favorite Broadway shows, and shared our hopes and dreams in life. And then we realized one of those hopes and dreams…by making a video together,” Drummond continued to explain.

“Swipe forward to see, and when I tell you this was the tenth take because acting is not my God-given gift…well, anyway. Hope you enjoyed this story, hope you enjoy our video, and hope you will follow @remygerminari on Insta or TikTok! He’s a sweetheart,” she concluded.