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‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shares Peaceful Video of the Country That ‘Isn’t All That Quiet’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Ole Spata/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond loves life out in the country, even if it “isn’t all that quiet” courtesy of this massive herd of cattle.

“The country may be peaceful, but it isn’t all that quiet…” stands her full caption to her official Instagram Friday. There, The Pioneer Woman has herself a whopping 3.8 million followers.

Following, Drummond gives fans lovely looks into her day-to-day, like Friday’s footage of a few hundred heads of cattle making their way across gorgeous, rolling fields at sunset. It’s a sight for sore eyes for any Outsider, even if the constant mooing drowns out anything and everything else.

The self-professed “Host of cooking show. Wife of cowboy. Mother of four…I mean five!” and “Designer of dishes” lives by one motto: “Butter is my boyfriend. Amen.” Which surely means all that cattle come in handy!

If you’re curious where Drummond’s gorgeous, cattle-laden vistas come from, then look no further. Outsider has you covered there, too.

From ‘City Girl’ to Drummond Ranch: The Story of ‘The Pioneer Woman’

“It’s safe to say that when Ree Drummond up and married a cowboy and moved from the ‘burbs to rural Pawhuska, she was a little bit of a fish out of water,” says Pioneer Woman staff writer Kelly O’Sullivan back in May.

O’Sullivan says it took a few years, but her boss “eventually shed her city-girl ways and settled in to life on the Drummond Ranch.”

But where exactly is the Drummond Ranch?

Nestled into Pawhuska of Osage County, Oklahoma, the Drummond Ranch is run by Ree and her husband, Ladd. See: The Drummonds! Right outside their enormous homestead lies a Pioneer Woman general store and restaurant, too. There, tickets and instructions are available on how you can even tour the ranch yourself!

The Drummond Ranch‘s history is fascinating, and stretches back to the turn of the 20th century. It’s absolutely worth a visit for any fan of Ree’s – or the ranching life in general.

There, “Ree has gotten used to rising before five every morning, trudging through snow and ice to feed animals, and driving more than an hour to see a movie on the big screen,” O’Sullivan continues. “Her central nervous system isn’t fazed by Tornado Valley thunderstorms, she’s a pro at getting cattle to move off the road, and setting prairie grass on fire is part of her annual spring cleaning.”

The Pioneer Woman also does all of this “on top of wrangling a husband, kids, and seven dogs!”

But Ree wouldn’t change one bit of it.

“Being on the ranch, absent the buildings and highways of cities, we’re really able to see the four seasons of the year in all their dramatic glory,” she says for her official website. Catch another glimpse of Drummond Ranch‘s gorgeous sunsets and cattle below, courtesy of The Pioneer Woman herself:

Ladd sent me a video from the office this morning. ❤️

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