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‘The Power of the Dog’ Star Benedict Cumberbatch Describes Hilariously Trying to Herd Cattle During Beach Trip

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Deadline)

I haven’t ever heard of a cowboy from England, however, The Power of the Dog star Benedict Cumberbatch is likely the first and only. He can tan hide and even knows how to herd cattle.

While speaking with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Cumberbatch explained what went into his character. The film is set in Montana but was filmed in the wilderness of New Zealand. However, the actor spent time in Montana learning the ins and outs of ranching and cowboy life.

Part of that training for The Power of the Dog was in cattle herding and wrangling. He feels confident he could take on a herd by himself, and even got to put his skills to the test back home in England. As a family was cutting through a farmer’s field to get to the beach, Cumberbatch noticed that some nursing calves and their mothers were also in the field. Soon enough, the curious and nervous cattle converged on the hopeful beachgoers.

Cumberbatch sprang into action, worked the herd a bit, and cleared a path for the family. Just as they realized who had just helped them out, the actor disappeared and went on about his day. Check it out below.

If I saw Cumberbatch shooing cattle and moving a herd, I’m not sure I would believe it with my own two eyes. While The Power of the Dog wasn’t filmed in Montana, the actor did spend time in The Treasure State on a dude ranch. He got a crash course over three weeks. In that time he learned how to skin and tan hides, turn that into rope, use the rope, ride a horse, and so much more. During that time, he obviously learned how to herd cattle, too.

‘The Power of the Dog’ Star, English Cowboy

While it sounds almost unbelievable, it is completely true. Benedict Cumberbatch, famous for his roles in the Marvel Universe, in The Hobbit, and as Sherlock Holmes…is now a cowboy? The English actor plays Phil Burbank, a desperado cowboy in The Power of the Dog. Don’t worry he has an American accent. He is the leader of a gang of ruthless, western ne’er-do-wells. Currently, the film is receiving high praise ahead of its official release and the Netflix production could even get Oscar’s buzz, possibly a nomination or two.

There is a western revolution going on in the film industry this year. For fans of the genre, there is so much to be excited about. This movie is just the latest in the new cowboy craze. Of course, there was Clint Eastwood’s Cry Macho. However, Netflix has leaned into the genre with The Harder They Fall as well as other programming. Now, they lean in further with this Cumberbatch film.

The Power of the Dog is set to release this Wednesday in select theaters. Then, the movie will debut on Netflix on December 1.