‘The Power of the Dog’ Star Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals What Scared Him the Most

by Thad Mitchell

One of Hollywood’s top leading men, Benedict Cumberbatch is the star of a new western film called “The Power of The Dog.”

Benedict Cumberbatch plays grizzled cowboy Phil Burbank in the highly acclaimed western film. “The Power of The Dog” is a break from the norm for Cumberbatch. Some of his best work came from playing Sherlock Holmes in “Sherlock” and Dr. Strange in the Marvel Universe. Both Cumberbatch and the film itself have received high praise from critics and movie watchers alike. Many believe his part in “The Power of The Dog” will earn him numerous award nominations as award season is upon us. Burbank is an aging cowboy with a disdain for practically everyone and everything around him. Jesse Plemmons and Kirsten Dunst also have starring roles in the hit film that is now streaming on Netflix. The actors reunite after doing excellent work in the second season of the “Fargo” television series.

Benedict Cumberbatch was all in for “The Power of The Dog” even if it meant stepping outside of his comfort zone. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly recently, Cumberbatch talks about the challenges presented by the film.

“Benedict Cumberbatch was scared to take on his role in ‘The Power of The Dog,” the social media post proclaims. “Hear him talk about the most challenging thing about portraying Phil Burbank.”

In order to become this early 1900s character, Cumberbatch had to dig deep. he also had to learn a few new tricks to turn “The Power of The Dog” into an authentic experience.

“I’ve got to play the banjo. I have to roll a cigarette with one hand. I’ve got to be an expert horse rider,” he says of the challenges staring him down.

‘The Power of The Dog’ Provides Challenge to Benedict Cumberbatch

As fans have come to expect, Benedict Cumberbatch was up to the task of becoming Phil Burbank. It wouldn’t be easy and the veteran actor says he felt the need to immerse himself in the time period and western culture. And where does one go to obtain these things? Montana, of course.

“Montana was offered,” he says. “I had an amazing experience.”

While there, Cumberbatch world with an experienced cowboy and expert horseman. Under the cowboy’s guidance, the actor studied for his part in “The Power of the Dog.”

“He taught me how to braid, but also how to treat the hide, how to cut it and how to bevel it,” he says. “It was a terrific experience.”

The end result was well worth for Cumberbatch as he was able to bring a real sense of authenticity to the film as he does with many of his films. He could find with a few award nominations coming up for his work in “The Power of the Dog.”