‘The Price Is Right’ Celebrates Being the Longest-Running Game Show on TV with 50th Season

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by M. Phillips/WireImage)

The Price is Right has been on the air for long enough that most of us have grown up with the popular price-matching game show in one way or another.

In fact, for a lot of us, The Price is Right was a “stay-home-sick” staple.

That’s right, paired with some 7-up, a few saltine crackers, some Halls lozenges, and some kleenex’s, The Price is Right was our go-to show when we didn’t have anywhere to be late-morning on a weekday.

And, let’s face it, we’ve all decided that anyone who can remember the price of a large bottle of ketchup, a flat-screen tv, or what a Coach luggage set will go for will most certainly one day find their moment to shine on the stage of The Price is Right.

Now, the longest-running game show in the history of television is celebrating a pretty heavy milestone: it’s the fiftieth season on the air!

‘The Price is Right’ Contestants Are Always ‘Down’ For Some Price Games

The game show is well-known for its unique “audience participation” format where anyone in the audience has a chance to “Come On Down!” and compete on the Price is Right stage.

The name of the game? Identifying the correct retail price on a variety of items; from grocery-store-staples, beauty items, electronics, clothes, and more.

And, the lucky few who do, have a chance to go all the way through a series of price matching -and price guessing – mini-games.

All of which lead right to the opportunity to participate in the much-coveted Price is Right final showcase showdown.

For decades, much of the game show’s exorbitant success was attributed to The Price is Right’s longtime host, Bob Barker.

When the iconic host exited as host of the game show in 2007, people weren’t sure how the series would do without Barker at the helm.

However, it soon became clear that there was no need to be concerned as the new Price is Right host, actor, and comedian Drew Carey stepped right into the role. Filling Barker’s shoes almost immediately.

Of course, a game show that is based almost entirely on shopping that has been on the air for as long as The Price is Right has certainly seen quite a few more changes over the years than just a host.

Offering Generations Amazing Opportunities For Cash and Prizes!

Over the years the items featured on the game show slowly evolved from items such as overly ostentatious big-screen televisions or upholstered dining room furniture to sleeker designs and high-tech gadgets.

Since its premiere season in 1972, The Price is Right has awarded over $300 million in cash and prizes to the show’s lucky contestants.

According to producers, the show has hosted more than 2 million audience members over the last fifty seasons.

And 68,000 of those audience members have gone on to become Price is Right contestants.

The Price is Right producers add that the show has given away over 8,000 of one particular prize item – a favorite amongst contestants (next to cash, of course). That item? Well, it’s a new car!

The Price is Right has been on the air for so long, in fact, that one woman, Jeanne Deters from Lexington Kentucky, participated in the popular game show in its early days.

Deters won a $16,000 showcase, taking home a Porsche, a grandfather clock, and tickets to the World Series in 1977

…yeah…$16,000 for all of that over forty years ago. The twist comes years late in 1998 when Deters watched her own son walk away with a $31,000 showcase of his own that included a sailboat, and a spa bathtub.