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‘The Price Is Right’ Contestant From Massachusetts Wins Vacation To Neighboring New Hampshire

by TK Sanders
(Photo by M. Phillips/WireImage)

A contestant of the popular daytime game show The Price is Right recently walked away with a beautiful, luxurious vacation…to the state directly north of her own.

Instead of winning a trip to the Caribbean, or a car, or even a new bedroom suite, the Massachusetts native won a free trip to neighboring New Hampshire. At least the show will save some money on airfare.

Catherine Graham had already won a fire pit and a love seat before going on stage to play “Side By Side” with host Drew Carey. The game is one of the simplest that the show offers: pick the correct price of a prize between two choices. She won by correctly guessing the value of the prize was $7,696 instead of $9,676.

Graham laughed off the unlucky prize, lamenting that she’d been to New Hampshire “a million times.”

“I just wish it was Tahiti or some place, or Bora Bora. A cruise around the world maybe,” Graham said with a chuckle.

Of course, if contestants don’t want to pay taxes on their windfalls, they can opt-out of the prizes after the show concludes. No word on whether Graham will forfeit the $7,600 prize (and the couple thousand dollars in tax burden) in favor of just gassing up the minivan and driving north for a weekend in New Hampshire.

How to get on The Price is Right

Ever wondered about how the popular game show chooses contestants and distributes prizes? Let me tell you, it’s a fun but grueling process.

In 2018, I applied for free tickets to the show while living in Los Angeles. Anyone can receive tickets as long as you make it to LA for the taping. Also, you can keep coming back for future tapings as long as producers don’t pick you as a contestant. If they pick you, however, you have to wait ten years for eligibility (though you can attend in the audience if you’d like).

With ticket in hand, you arrive at the CBS lot and wait in line to fill out paperwork. Then you wait in another line to receive your price tag badge. Then you wait in another line to meet the producers. This is the most important part of the morning.

The small team of producers brings in groups of 20 attendees and asks them, one at a time, to introduce themselves. They ask you for your name, your hometown, and your occupation. If you want to be “called down” later in the show, this little interview is where you must shine. The producers want someone who will perform on TV. Bring lots of energy, and say something memorable. If you ever meet me in person, Outsiders, ask me what I said to get chosen for The Price is Right. It’s a great story.

From there, you file into the studio, take a seat, and wait until the show begins, not knowing whether they liked you in the interview or not. Luckily, they chose me and I got to bid on a few items; but unfortunately, I didn’t get to play any stage games. You do, however, win $300 just going to contestant’s row; not to mention the avalanche of actual phone calls you’ll receive a few months later after the show airs. Good luck!