‘The Price Is Right’: What Is the Strangest Prize Won on the Show?

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: CBS Photo Archive/ Getty Images)

“Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of a brand new…what?” Here, we are revealing what has to be the strangest prize a contestant won on The Price is Right.

When you think back on prizes won on the popular game show, you probably think of exotic trips, a jet ski, a new car, or something reasonable. To one contestant’s surprise, a curtain unveiled a two-year-old horse, who looked back at the lucky man.

Well, lucky if you like horses.

The odd prize was won in 1958 by a man named Carl Slater while on vacation in New York City. We can hear him now, “Honey, you can take the car. I’m going to ride the horse home.”

In fact, Carl Slater joked to the audience that he had to sell a cow to pay for the trip to New York, so it was convenient that he would be returning with a horse.

The Horse Wasn’t the Only Strange Prize

Slater didn’t just win a two-year-old Palomino on The Price is Right. The contestant also claimed a dining room set, a suit of armor, and a trip to Scotland to see the castle where the armor came from.

So strange.

In addition, according to EquineNow, a Palomino horse would currently sell today anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000. In 1958, the total value of his four prices was only $6,000.

No cheap, run-of-the-mill animal, but be warned. That four-legged pony ride eats $20 bills for breakfast and is as delicate as a fingernail.

However, Slater was an overnight sensation, giving news interviews and flaunting his new earnings around town. According to Syracuse, “In May 1959, the Marcellus Observer announced Slater would take local senior citizens on ‘an imaginary trip to Scotland via his colored pictures.'”

By January, The Price is Right winner also kept the Skaneateles Lions Club amused with clips of his horse, his fancy dining room, the suit of armor, and later photos of his trip to Scotland.

Other Odd Prizes on The Price is Right

Furthermore, riding your new horse into the sunset wasn’t the only odd prize won on The Price is Right. Other trophies that rank in our top list of oddities include a submarine, a Ferris wheel, and other live animals like a barbecue pit accompanied with a live Angus steer or a color TV along with a live peacock (the NBC logo) to serve as a “color guide.”

You just cannot convince me that is a prize. That sounds more like a burden. Now you have to take care of a rogue peacock running around your house!