‘The Rifleman’ Bloopers: Watch the Outtakes from the Classic Western Series

by Matthew Wilson

“The Rifleman” was serious at times and a family drama at others. But behind the scenes, the TV show was nothing short of a comedy.

Even the westerns and sitcoms of yesteryear had their fair share of bloopers. This video below will attest to that fact. The heroes and villains of “The Rifleman” appeared to have a good time on set. There was plenty of laughter going on during the production of the show. And a good bit of cursing as well. Perhaps, some of the actors were sailors in a past life.

Series star Chuck Connors may have played the noble and well-intentioned Lucas McCain. But behind the scenes, he could swear as well as the best of them. Many of the bloopers feature Connors dropping colorful expletives.

‘The Rifleman’ Ran For Five Seasons

“The Rifleman” ran for five seasons from 1958 to 1963. The show starred Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain, a Union veteran who fought in the Civil War. McCain travels to the New Mexico Territory after the war and settles down in a ranch on the frontier. McCain lived with his only son Mark in the homestead, and “The Rifleman” often focused on their relationship as father and son.

During the pilot episode, McCain’s wife died off-screen, leaving him a single parent. The show was notable for being one of the first shows to feature a single parent raising a child. The show was set during the 1880s. It also got its name from the signature Winchester Model 1892 that McCain used on the show. Connors often used during the intro to the show, demonstrating his skills with the weapon.

Creator Sam Peckinpah created the show based on experiences from his own childhood. The frontier often attracted a variety of folks looking for second chances and fresh starts. But McCain also went up against his fair share of villains and bandits on the show’s run as well.

At its center, the show focused on McCain and his son. The cowboy did his best to raise his son. But he also wasn’t without faults either. He was often overprotective of his son, creating friction between the two. McCain had a bit of an ego as well as only someone dubbed The Rifleman could.

Connors would later reprise his character in the Kenny Rogers TV movie “The Gambler Returns” in 1991.