The Rolling Stones Will Continue U.S. Tour Following Charlie Watts Passing with His Understudy

by Michael Freeman

The Rolling Stones‘ drummer, Charlie Watts, passed away earlier this week. Amid the news, the band’s “No Filter” tour will continue, with Watts’ understudy performing in his place.

TheWrap confirmed through a band rep Steve Jordan will play as the band’s drummer. “Charlie has had a procedure which was completely successful, but his doctors this week concluded that he now needs proper rest and recuperation,” the rep stated.

Reportedly Jordan was already set to fill in for Watts while he was recovering. Watts passed away Tuesday at the age of 80.

When announced as the band’s fill-in drummer, Jordan issued a statement. “It is an absolute honor and a privilege to be Charlie’s understudy and I am looking forward to rehearsing with Mick, Keith, and Ronnie. No one will be happier to give up my seat on the drum-riser as soon as Charlie is ready to go.”

Watts played with the Rolling Stones from 1963 until his death. In 2016, the “Rolling Stone” publication ranked Watts in 12th place on their list of all-time greatest drummers. The publication quoted Keith Richards saying “When we got Charlie, that really made it for us.” Watts also apparently didn’t miss a single band gig since he joined.

Originally set to conclude in 2020, the “No Filter” tour was postponed due to the pandemic. The tour is slated to hit 13 more locations beginning in late September.

Rolling Stones Bandmates Pay Tribute To Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts passing away leaves a huge void in its wake. Because of their storied history, the Rolling Stones members have posted their own tributes.

Mick Jagger has been one of the most vocal about losing his friend. Posting an iconic photo of Watts on Twitter, Charlie seems to be having the time of his life. In a 2003 interview “According to The Rolling Stones,” Jagger recalled how vital Watts was.

“To have a drummer from the beginning who could play with the sensibility of Charlie Watts is one of the best-hidden assets I’ve had because I never had to think about the drummer and what he’s going to do. I just say, ‘Charlie, it goes like this,’ and we’ll kick it around a bit and it’s done. I can throw him ideas and I never have to worry about the beat…It’s a blessing.”

In addition to that, Jagger also posted a video tribute to Instagram, with the caption merely being “Charlie.” Lasting almost two minutes, the tribute highlights the tight bond the bandmates had with one another.

Guitarist Keith Jones shared a heartbreaking photo of an empty drumset himself. A “closed” sign hangs from the set, cementing the fact Watts won’t be returning.