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‘The Rookie’ Faces Backlash for Unexpected Change

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The Rookie made a strange artistic changeup this week when it narrated an intense shootout scene—or, maybe it didn’t.

It looks like we may have a Mandela Effect situation on our hands.

The scene in question was an epic shootout that happened after a perpetrator disguised herself as a hotel worker and shot Randy in the chest.

As massive gunfire began to blaze, a voice took over and described the action, which seemed really odd for the style of The Rookie. And fans didn’t approve.

Hoping to nip any future voice-over scenes in the bud, people quickly jumped on social media to express their displeasure.

“The voice-over! Why would you need to narrate a shooting scene?” Waitheramugo commented on a recent The Rookie Instagram post.

And the opinion sparked some serious replies.

“YES IT’S NOT JUST ME? ‘Nolan shoots and [runs] behind a pillar, Alicia grabs her gun to run, a van pulls in, Nolan shoots the window in, shooting ensues’ LIKE YES I CAN SEE THAT?” PearlyBeary wrote.

Other Instagrammers begged the series to stop with the narration for good and some stressed how annoying and distracting the voice was.

“Voice over is the most annoying thing ever,” Marko071291 added. “You have such a great show. Why do you need to ruin it by stupid ideas. Please stop with it. Just let it go as it is. It’s great enough!”

One person even said they heard the voiceover during other scenes that would explain every move a character was making.

Some ‘The Rookie Fans’ Are Asking ‘What Voiceover’?

While scrolling through the comment section, we noticed that a lot of people mentioned the voiceover. But we also noticed that just as many were confused by the drama.

Quite a few of The Rookie fans claimed there was no narration in the entire episode.

“What is this voice over I am seeing comments about. Watched on Hulu this morning – no voice over. What did I miss?” one user asked.

Some people even wondered if the narration-hearing crowd watched a black market episode.

“Don’t watch it on bootlegged websites? It didn’t happen on tv,” somethingsomethingchicken suggested to a user.

So what’s the explanation behind this weird phenomenon that so many people have claimed both did and didn’t happen? We have no idea.

At first, we assumed the voice was only added to the broadcasted version. And after seeing how silly it was, the directors chopped it out before the episode made it to Hulu. But after reading through more of the posts, the strange voice was not exclusive to one platform.

As of yet, the show has not responded to any of the claims. So, the mystery will continue.