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‘The Rookie’ Features a Unique Perspective in Upcoming Episode

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by phamous2/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

ABC cop drama “The Rookie” comes back Dec. 5 with a new episode titled “Hit and Run,” and a few details are trickling out that it will have a unique perspective for fans.

What does that mean? John Nolan and his LAPD buddies will come to fans in different camera angles for the Season 4, Episode 8 show.

In a 30-second tease clip, we see Nolan, Nyla Harper, and the rest of the crew in security cameras, regular closed-circuit cameras, and a host of different camera angles. The clip opens with a funny moment and then builds to exciting moments of the officers on a ship. Their body cameras can only show so much, so I’m guessing somebody will take a fake bullet to the bulletproof vest and fall backward at some point.

I like the good ol’ steadycam, but it’s a risk for an exciting drama to try. It seems like the show’s producers know how to mix it up. They’ve shown us brief moments of bodycam footage, but now we’ve got a whole flipping episode to watch in a few weeks. Not many police dramas can say they do this.

When the stuff hits the fan in real life, we’re often get glued to body camera footage from cops. Many times, we see a horrible accident or a person shot, and it’s mesmerizing.

Live Guns Banned On “The Rookie”

After Alec Baldwin and his recent “Rust” movie fatal accident, “The Rookie” decided to ban real guns on the set.

Show producers opted to go with computer-generated imaging to show gunfire. Now, they’ll employ Air Soft guns with CG muzzle flashes added in post.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that the show has primarily used CGI to portray muzzle flashes over the past two seasons. Occasionally, the production used “live” weapons for “big, outside set pieces.”

It kind of makes sense. The last thing you need is fake cops getting shot at by real bad guys with real bullets in a major metropolitan area. 

In April, a “The Rookie” filming location shut down when real shots hit nearby. Deadline reported that real shots at a Los Angeles location shoot led to many real cops coming to the scene. Some said they heard three gunshots hit a nearby building. TMZ later reported that two suspects fired at an area where security officers stood guard. There were no reports of injuries.

Fillion Yucks It Up With Twitter Clip

Star and producer Nathan Fillion joked around with a short clip on Twitter Monday.

In a special effect shot, his character jokes, “I just bought a house” before a pyrotechnic blast ignites in the house behind him. The scene opened up last week’s “Fire Fight” episode.

One North Carolina Twitter fan played along, saying, “Looks like a Flamed Broiled house is what you bought. lol”