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‘The Rookie’: Here’s When the Show May Return

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

“Rookie” fans are in for a month-long wait as the show’s next episode comes at the end of February.

CarterMatt’s got a few reasons why that next episode will take so long.

First, many shows don’t want to lose ratings during NBC’s long-delayed Tokyo Winter Olympics. That’s the case anytime the Olympics come to TV town. Plus, the Super Bowl’s coming in two weeks, and that’s another extensive night networks steer clear.

So, it makes sense to return to the air at the end of the year’s shortest month. Plus, that might be the same time that Fox’s American Idol’s new season begins. 

Second, it may give show producers time to catch up on shows. The pandemic has historically hurt this show over the past couple of years.

Finally, what a cliffhanger from this past “Fight or Flight” show? If you haven’t seen it, there could be an alligator plot for the unnamed Feb. 27 episode.

Is “Rookie” Star Pregnant In Real Life?

Maybe all this time off is helpful for one star.

Yes, Mekia Cox, who plays Lt. Harper on the show, made her pregnancy announcement back in a Jan. 23 Instagram post. Cox thanked showrunner Alexi Hawley and the rest of the show’s writing team for writing her pregnancy into the show.

Cox said she was “happy to be on a show where pregnancy is acknowledged and celebrated.”

On the show, Harper has only recently learned she was due. She’s having a baby (on the show) with her boyfriend, James (Arjay Smith).

Cox married Britt Leach in 2018. The couple has a 3-year-old daughter.

Former ‘Rookie’ Captain’s Death Not In Original Plan

Hawley recently talked about Captain Zoe Anderson’s death in the show’s first season.

CBR recently reported on the show’s decision. Mercedes Mason played Anderson on the show.

The showrunner told a Twitter fan that the writers “went back and forth about it” about the decision. But everyone concluded that Anderson’s death was “the most dramatic and powerful way to impact our story.”

In another post, Hawley elaborated more on the decision, saying the decision was “heartbreaking.” But he also called said the move depended on the “stakes” of Nolan’s new life. The showrunner added that the show couldn’t “run away from them creatively.” 

Mason will reportedly star with “Euphoria” star Eric Dane in the upcoming crime thriller film “Little Dixie.” Other stars include Frank Grillo and Annabeth Gish. 

According to IMDb, the plot revolves around a daughter named Little Dixie. Grillo plays Doc, a man who bargains between a governor and a drug cartel. After a broken truce between both parties, Doc has to fend for himself and his daughter.

Mason also recently starred in the “Game Over” episode of “American Horror Stories” in 2021.