‘The Rookie’ Star Nathan Fillion Has Fans Worried With Photo of Mysterious Injury

by Megan Molseed

Uh, that doesn’t look like a simple nick from shaving, Nathan Fillion, and it looks incredibly painful. Earlier this week, “The Rookie” actor posted a photo of himself sporting what appears to be injuries to his chin and cheek.

“I cut myself shaving,” the actor wrote on the post. “Don’t ask me how- I use an electric razor.”

Many of Nathan Fillion’s Insta followers were concerned by these mysterious injuries. And, they aren’t alone. Who knows, maybe it’s just makeup from a recent shoot. After all, the former “Firefly” star is preparing for the premiere of his new movie “Suicide Squad 2” in which he plays the mysterious metahuman TDK. We know that these movies are full of cinematic injuries and special effects. Perhaps that would explain the recent photo?

Or, could it be the actor is sporting the look during the recent filming of his latest series “The Rookie?”

One of ABC’s Newest Rookies

The ABC series features Nathan Fillion as the Los Angeles Police Department’s oldest “rookie” John Nolan.

According to IMDB, the series is based on the life of a real Los Angeles Police Department officer, William Norcross.

In “The Rookie” Fillion’s character is a newly divorced man in his mid-forties. For many years, Fillion’s character, John Nolan owned his own construction company in Pennsylvania. After an unlikely series of events, Nolan travels to Los Angeles to pursue a brand new path. With a career in law enforcement.

We certainly hope that is where this photograph originated. And that Fillion isn’t dealing with such painful-looking injuries.

Nathan Fillion’s first big role came in the late 1990s when he was cast in the second season of “Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place.” His character, John Donnelly is introduced to the show as a love interest for the female-lead, Sharon (Traylor Howard). The show, which also stars Ryan Reynolds, Richard Ruccolo, Suzanne Cryer, and Jillian Bach.

Later, Nathan Fillion became a major sensation in 2002 when he took on the role of Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the short-lived series “Firefly.” Despite the show’s early cancelation, it built up a massive cult following. In 2003, Fillion joined another science fiction series playing the devious preacher Caleb in the final season of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Season four of Fillion’s latest series, “The Rookie,” is set to premiere this fall. The series promises quite a bit of interesting storylines in the fourth season. Especially after season three ended in a large cliff-hanger. With an almost impromptu wedding that never occurred because of the bride being kidnapped, we know that there is a lot to watch in the coming seasons. And, hopefully, Fillion’s face will be injury-free when he returns to television this fall.