‘The Rookie’ Takes a ‘Long Shot’ in Upcoming Episode

by Anna Dunn

The Rookie will “take a long shot” in an upcoming episode. The Nathan Fillion lead ABC series will air the 14th episode of season four almost a week from now. The episode, called Long Shot, should follow a very unique bounty hunter case.

Here’s the description for the upcoming episode:

Long Shot – Officers Nolan and Harper help Skip Tracer Randy on his first bounty hunter case. Meanwhile, Officer Chen and Sergeant Bradford are on the hunt for a perpetrator on a citywide crime spree on an all-new episode of The Rookie,” the description reads.

The show will follow a new episode of American Idol and probably get a good boost in viewers because of that. Fans are excited for the new episode, as The Rookie is one of the many shows that went off the air during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

A New Spinoff of ‘The Rookie’ is In the Works

Fans of The Rookie have yet another thing to look forward to. This time, it’s a whole new spinoff series. The new spinoff will star Niecy Nash as Simone Clark. Clark is the oldest rookie in the FBI Academy and a single mother. The show will follow the character going after what she wants after she’s put her dreams on the back burner for her family for so long.

ABC will introduce this spinoff series through a “backdoor pilot.” This means we’ll get to meet the character and get introduced to the premise of the show through an episode of The Rookie. Neicy Nash will join The Rookie for a two-part episode.

Here’s the official description for that one:

“In the episode, Officer John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) and the LA division of the FBI enlist the help of FBI trainee Simone Clark when one of her former students is suspected of terrorism following an explosion at a local power station,” the description says.

Niecy Nash is incredibly excited about the new role. The Emmy Nominated actress is really ready to step into Simone Clark’s shoes.

“I’m so excited to guest star on ‘The Rookie’ and bring Simone Clark to life!” Nash said in a statement following the announcement of the spinoff. “She is a spirited and spicy fish out of water. The cast is amazing and I can’t wait to play!”

The next episode of The Rookie will air on February 27th on ABC. If you aren’t up to date on the series, you can always stream it on Hulu. We don’t yet know the date for the two-parter that’ll introduce fans to Simone Clark but Outsider will keep you updated.