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‘The Rookie’: The Team Searches for Answers After a Deadly Explosion

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

This week on The Rookie, Bailey and Nolan will team up to uncover the truth about Fred Mitchell’s death.

In last week’s shocking episode of The Rookie, an innocent treasure hunt turned gruesome when the seekers began killing each other—and themselves. Shortly after the hunt began, a man murdered a woman with a hatchet, and then another person blew himself up with dynamite. After that, someone else shot, and possibly killed, another man.

But surprisingly, the treasure hunt wasn’t the most dramatic situation in the episode. Throughout the show, Bailey and Nolan were investigating suspected arsonist Fred Mitchell. But the two were at odds about his guilt. Nolan spent his time following leads on the suspect, and he thought Fred was acting suspiciously.

Bailey, however, was certain that Fred was innocent. And she was determined to prove it. She even went as far as breaking into Fred’s house and rummaging through all of his belongings. But what she found was a little disturbing. Fred had stashed away trinkets of all the victims who had died in the recent string of fires.

And in the end, Fred died in an explosion. Most of the cops believed that Fred purposefully killed himself because the authorities were on to him. But Nolan and Bailey weren’t convinced that Fred’s death was that simple. They believe there is something even more sinister going on.

This week, in an episode titled Fire Fight, Bailey and Nolan will find hard evidence that supports their theory on the arson case. And they’ll work together to unravel the mystery, which will be a pleasant twist for their budding romance. Last week, we wondered why Bailey was promoted to a series regular. She and Nolan spent the entire episode bickering. But in the new episode, they’ll stop working against each other while they figure out who the real arsonist is. And of course, Bailey will be a useful partner considering she’s a firefighter.

And we haven’t seen the last of the treasure hunt either. Officer Chen and Officer Bradford will demand a rematch. Hopefully, the hunt is a little less deadly this time around.

‘The Rookie’ Promises to Shine Light on Bradford’s Past in Season 4

Since Tim Bradford first graced the screen on The Rookie, the newly appointed sergeant has been a bit of an enigma. But soon we’ll learn more about the brooding officer’s past.

Recently, showrunner Alexi Hawley sat down with TV Line and he revealed that fans will finally learn more about Bradford’s backstory. Hawley said that “we will meet Tim’s sister, later into the season.” And her appearance “will shed some light on him in an interesting way.”

As of now, all we know about Bradford’s backstory is that he was a Marine squad leader who left the military for the LAPD. We know almost nothing about his personal life. So hopefully, his sister will spice up the story with some drama.