‘The Sopranos’ Star Steven Van Zandt Looks Back on Incredible Cast, How They Became a ‘Tight Group’

by Samantha Whidden

His hit series The Sopranos finished its amazing run in June of 2007, and now Steven Van Zandt is now sharing more details about his time on the HBO show’s set.

During his recent interview with Ashbury Park Press, Van Zandt stated that he was actually determined to turn The Sopranos cast into a band somehow. “That’s what kind of happened,” he recalled. “Not just from me. [Writer and producer] David Chase was a band guy, as it starts with him, obviously. That was our main bonding. That we were both band guys and that’s what happened in the end.”

Van Zandt also stated that The Sopranos cast became quite a tight group. He then shared that he believes his New Jersey “man of the people” persona helped give the hit series street credibility. “Everybody turned the show down because [Chase] was insisting on filming in New Jersey. They were like, ‘What are you nuts?’ ‘What’s the matter with you?’ ‘No way that could succeed.’” 

Van Zandt went on to say that so when others are not wrong in emphasizing that connection because for good or worse, The Sopranos cast members were certainly “New Jersey.” In regards to his role, the musician/actor added, “Somebody has to be that guy in order for a family or a band or anything else to actually function properly. It ended up, very, very natural. And I think that’s why it worked so well.”

‘The Sopranos’ Steven Van Zandt Opens Up About His Music Career and Working With Bruce Springsteen 

Also during his interview with the Ashbury Park Press, The Sopranos star opened up about his music career and the struggles he faced early on. “You’re just kind of living day to day. That constant struggle of finding one’s identity. Continuing to evolve. And we can find a way to actually make it. To get into the business.”

The Soprano castmate also shared that even when Bruce Springsteen got into the music business, it actually wasn’t going very well. “I don’t think I ever made more money than that because when you make more money than you can spend, you’re rich,” Van Zandt declared. He then admitted he had no real ambitions. He didn’t really care about making money either. “You look back upon it. It was a little bit of heaven. For a minute there, you don’t quite appreciate it at the time, I guess.”

While also discussing his departure from the E Street Band, The Soprano star stated he wanted to be part of the management team instead. “It was one of those things where people see you a certain way and they an definite your relationship their own way.”