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‘The Talk’ Former Co-Host Carrie Ann Inaba Sends Moving Message About Being in ‘Survival Mode’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)

Although Carrie Ann Inaba took a leave of absence from “The Talk” for her physical well-being, she’s also using the time to grow stronger mentally.

The TV star recently took to Instagram to open up about the idea of fear and to live in “survival mode.”

“Happy Thursday,” she began the Instagram post. “Today’s quote of the day: ‘Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.’ It’s a Japanese proverb, and it’s really great. Especially in this day and age when we’ve all been through a lot. And maybe we’re more fearful than normal.”

In the comments sections, her followers were quick to offer up their support. “Beautiful Carrie Ann missing you big time on The Talk. Get well God Bless you,” one user wrote. In the clip, she went on to discuss how 2020 was particularly hard on many people as well as herself.

“That’s ok because fear is actually a survival mechanism, so it’s the way our brain naturally wants to go. I think the year has pushed us all into that survival mode. But the truth is when you’re only living in fear, you’re taxing your system, so try to control those fearful thoughts.”

She added that it’s been something she’s been “working on personally in my own life” as she says she “tends to be fear-based.” She continued: “We’ve all been through a lot of trauma. I know I have this year. So try to control those fearful thoughts and you’ll notice a difference, I have.”

Carrie Ann Inaba Opens Up About Mental Health, Break Up

It’s been a difficult time for Inaba. In addition to her medical problems and leaving “The Talk,” she also experienced heartache earlier this month when she separated from her boyfriend, Fabian Viteri.

The former talk show panelist detailed her split on Instagram and admitted that she was “so sad” that it had ended.

Carrie Ann Inaba posted a selfie, writing in the caption, “I am single. Again. I am also… grateful for what it was. Confused. Uncertain of the future. Sad. Hopeful. Trying to allow the emotions.”

She continued, “Trying to be strong, allowing myself the space to cry and I will grow. And I will evolve. I will survive this too. And I will honor that gift that it was. Sometimes the things you thought were forever end up only being temporary. Finding the strength to accept that it’s over is enormously painful.

“Losing your friend… losing the hopes and dreams… your partner… the person you shared everything with… your person… your love… it’s hard.”