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‘The Talk’ Former Co-Host Carrie Ann Inaba Speaks Out About Her ‘Quest for Wellness’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Efren Landaos/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Carrie Ann Inaba is on a quest for wellness. She described it as the “vibrant, vivid kind.”

And she’s detailing this journey on social media. On Sunday, as people relaxed, went to church or gathered with family, she talked about how to address the messiness in life. Don’t try to solve it all at once.

Inaba, on her Instagram Stories, started quoting writer Rainbow Rowell.

“So what if by thinking about solving your whole life, this might be a good one for me, you just think about adding additional good things. one at a time,” Inaba said. “Just let your pile of good things go on. That’s pretty good, right? So, what if instead of thinking you can solve your whole life, you can just think about adding good things. Just let your piles of good things grow That’s so good. I over think, (It’s) part of my problem, definitely. Instead of worrying about solving it, just add good things. Eventually, the flavor of your life will change. That makes a lot of sense. What a great thought.”

Then Carrie Ann Inaba shared why she loved using quotes as a way to motivate or soothe.

“I am an overthinker, the way my brain works,” she said. “Sometimes, it kind of latches onto an idea and won’t let go. That’s why I like white chestnut oil. … Introduce new ideas into what’s already circulating in your mind. And that’s how you evolve. Start great conversations with people. It also helps when you talk to people about what’s going on in your head because sometimes they can help you break the pattern.

“Open up a book with those quotes in them. It’ll all kind of shift your perspective. Then you go through the day with that perspective instead of something that’s not positive to you. I’ve been doing a lot of research in my quest for wellness. Like vibrant, vivid wellness is my quest. And in this time off I’ve had the time to really study a lot of experts and I’m learning a lot.”

Carrie Ann Inaba Announced Her Leave of Absence from The Talk Last Month

Last month, Carrie Ann Inaba, 53, announced she was taking a leave of absence from The Talk. Inaba, who also is a judge on Dancing with the Stars, is dealing with chronic pain. She has an auto-immune condition and lingering injuries from all her years of dancing.

Before she began making a living as a TV personality, Inaba was a dancer and choreographer. She first broke into American show business in 1990 as a “Fly Girl” on In Living Color.

Carrie Ann Inaba is regularly updating her health status with her fans. She’s been going to physical therapy since March. Doctors diagnosed her with lupus last year. She also is suffering from spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

Plus, she and her boyfriend broke up earlier this month. Physical and mental pain, plus the anxiety over the Covid-19 pandemic, can exhaust your well being.

Carrie Ann Inaba continued with her Sunday message.

“When it all kind of settles into my mind, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned in order to help everybody else who might be struggling with similar issues,” she said. “And I know we’re all kind of struggling. This year was rough opening up. Life is coming back to quote normal, but obviously it’s a new normal. We’re actually moving forward and not backwards.”