‘The Talk’: Kelly Ripa Joyously Reacts to Jerry O’Connell Being Named New Host

by Amy Myers

When we found out that Jerry O’Connell is joining the hosts of The Talk, we were almost as excited as Kelly Ripa. The LIVE with Kelly and Ryan host is close friends with O’Connell and wanted to help him celebrate the good news. So, Ripa took to Instagram to share some love for her fellow talkshow host with some of her favorite snapshots of him.

In her caption, Ripa gushed, “Congratulations to @mrjerryoc everyone’s favorite actor, host, and friend on joining the @thetalkcbs ! You deserve all the success”. Following the comment was a string of star and confetti emojis to punctuate just how excited she is for her friend.

The first photo in Ripa’s photo collage with her friend from The Talk, she and O’Connell are the spitting image of Harley Quinn and the Joker. Ripa has her hair in the villain’s signature pig tails and stretches her dancer’s leg across O’Connell, who catches her leg with a purple cane in his hand. He flashes his silver grills as he smiles wildly at the camera. The following photos of the two friends are a bit more refined, clad in a tuxedo and dress at a formal event.

The best photo of the group, though, is the one in which O’Connell, Ripa and her co-host, Ryan Seacrest, lay beside each other in bed in their pajamas. The trio looks super comfortable as they posed for the camera in the midst of their slumber party. We can only imagine that they already had a pillow fight and watched a scary movie.

‘The Talk’s New Host Was Almost Ripa’s Co-Star

The photo of Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest and Jerry O’Connell is reminiscent of a time when The Talk host almost joined a different talk show. For a short time, O’Connell temporarily sat beside Ripa on her talk show LIVE with Kelly before Seacrest earned the permanent spot. And although some might see that as a slight towards Ripa’s close friend, O’Connell had nothing but kind words to say about the new partnership.

“I just left my house. I’ve been crying the entire day. This is my first public appearance,” he joked during an interview with KTLA Morning News. But in all sincerity, the future Talk host knew about Ripa’s decision and was happy for Seacrest.

“I know him. He’s great for that job,” O’Connell said. “I still, like a weird ex, I watch them every morning. It’s like going to check your ex’s Facebook page. ‘Let’s see what they’re up to.'”

And thankfully, the proverb, “Good things come to those who wait” applies to O’Connell. Now the only male on The Talk team, O’Connell will bring a refreshing new perspective to the team of hosts.