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‘The Talk’ Officially Adds New Male Host as Sharon Osbourne Replacement

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

“The Talk” just announced its newest host, and fans are loving him!

Since Sharon Osbourne’s departure from “The Talk” the show has been left without a fifth host. Although current hosts Sheryl Underwood, Carrie Ann Inaba, Elaine Welteroth and Amanda Kloots have done an excellent job on their own, fans have been wondering if the show would add a new permanent host to the mix. Turns out, they are adding a new host. And, this host is bringing a whole new male perspective to the group.

“The Talk” shared a video clip on its Instagram today. During the clip, host Sherly Underwood reveals who the newest member of the hosting group will be.

“We have a very special announcement today,” says Underwood. “We’re about to reveal who will be joining us as a permanent host on ‘The Talk.’ Now this person has been doing some serious training to get ready for their hosting duties, take a look.”

Who Is The New Host Of ‘The Talk’?

The show then cut to a hilarious montage to the theme song of “Rocky.” During the montage, you can see the new host working out, shadow boxing, and running around the CBS studio. However, you cannot see his face. That is until a security guard pretends to stop the man from trespassing on CBS property. The host slowly moves his hood to reveal his identity. Can you guess who it is? We’re too excited to let you guess, we’ll just tell you: It’s actor Jerry O’Connell!

O’Connell has starred in movies including “Jerry Maguire,” “The New Guy” and “The Secret: Dare to Dream.” He’s also appeared in television shows including “The Big Bang Theory,” “Justice League Action,” and “Star Trek: Lower Decks.” 

The video then shows Jerry hopping onto a golf cart for a ride to “The Talk” set. He high-fives crew members before joining the rest of the hosts on stage.

Audiences go wild as Sheryl Underwood officially announces the new host, “Here he is! The newest member of ‘The Talk’, Jerry O’Connell!”

O’Connell hands each of the hosts a bouquet of flowers as they excitedly chant his name.

How Are Fans Responding To The New Host?

Judging from the cheering in the video and the comments on the announcement post, fans are already loving Jerry O’Connell.

One fan wrote, “Yay!!!! Congrats! Love you Jerry! Always be you.”

Another fan replied, “I love him glad he is on board.”

Even his co-host on “The Talk”, Carrie Ann Inaba, commented on the post. She wrote, “Congratulations to Jerry! He’s one of the nicest people in television! Welcome to @thetalkcbs family. thank you for making us smile!”