‘The Talk’: Ozzy Osbourne Comes to Wife Sharon’s Defense Amid Controversy That Got Her Booted From Show

by Emily Morgan

Ozzy Osbourne is standing up for Sharon Osbourne, in the aftermath of her exit from “The Talk.”

On Monday, he spoke openly on his SiriusXM show. He said, “She’s been through the mill of it. You know, all I can tell you if my wife was slightly racist, I’ll tell you she’s possibly the most unracist person I’ve ever met. And I’m not just saying that.”

In the wake of her departure, some of her former co-hosts alleged that she used racial slurs during her stint on the show.

The Black Sabbath frontman added that his wife was “devastated” in the wake of the controversy, which rose after Osbourne got into a heated discussion with her co-hosts about Piers Morgan. Morgan was critical of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after their interview with Oprah. Osbourne defended Morgan afterward.

In the Mar. 10 episode of “The Talk,” Sharon said, ‘”I feel like I’m about to be put in the electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is racist, so that makes me a racist. For me, at 68 years of age, to have to turn around and say, ‘I ain’t racist, what’s it gotta do with me?'”

Ozzy Osbourne on His Wife: ‘Possibly the Most Unracist Person I’ve Ever Met’

After a hiatus, when the show returned on Mar. 26, the network said that “Sharon’s behavior toward her co-hosts during the Mar. 10 episode did not align with our values for a respectful workplace’ and that Sharon had parted from the show.”

On Monday, Ozzy came to his wife’s reaction at the time. “She was like, ‘Why are they saying this about me?'”

He continued: “It’s still an unpleasant issue. It’s one of them things once you’re accused of it, people tar you with that brush and it’s very hard to shake off.” He added that his wife had ‘weathered the storm,’ and is ‘marching on.’

Yet, Osbourne later described the situation as “just another bump in the road,” and that they would “get through this.”

Ozzy Osbourne also spoke about a new song he wrote titled “Patient Number Nine.” Chatting with his co-host Billy Morrison, he revealed that he has 13 or 14 “really strong songs” written for his latest album.

“Some interesting people are going to be on the album, which I can’t really disclose,” Osbourne said. “I’m like a pregnant hen,” he added when his co-host asked if he was excited. “You know, I’m like, I’ll be critical with everyone.”

In the wake of her exit from “The Talk,” Sharon Osbourne is also planning her next moves.