‘The Talk’: Sharon Osbourne Says CBS Made Sheryl Underwood Go To Anger Management Classes

by Samantha Whidden

Sharon Osbourne is ready to spill some tea. The former The Talk co-host appeared on SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show this week to share more details about her departure from the daytime talk show. 

One of the main topics that Osbourne discussed with Kelly was CBS allegedly making fellow The Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood go to anger management classes.

Osbourne claimed that Underwood had three complaints about her from different producers about the way she was treating them. The network decided the best course of action was apparently anger management classes. 

“None of us are perfect,” the former The Talk star stated. “We all mistakes. And I’m not saying that Sheryl was a terrible person because she treated producers the way she did.”

So, backstory about the situation between Osbourne and Underwood. The duo had a huge fallout on The Talk stage in March about Pierce Morgan’s comments about Meghan Markle. Morgan is one of Osbourne’s friends and she stood up for his opinions about Prince Harry’s wife. Underwood obviously disagreed. This caused the argument and the accusation of racism. Days after the infamous on-stage fight, Osbourne was let go from the show. 

Sharon Osbourne Reveals More Details About Her Firing From ‘The Talk’

Also during her interview with Megyn Kelly, Sharon Osbourne also told the HR department that she wanted an investigation into the situation. “I wanted to know who decided to do this,” the former The Talk star explained. “Why I was left out to dry [on the show] for 20 minutes. I want to know why.”

CBS decided to conduct an investigation. The network was supposed to talk to The Talk producer who prepared Osbourne before the March episode. “No, she was never interviewed. Did they speak to people who were in the booth directing the show? No. So they spoke to a few people. Did they speak to the cameraman? Did they speak to the people on the floor? What was going on during the break? No.”

Osbourne ended up accusing the network of allegedly accusing of selectively choosing certain people to speak to. “It came back that I was very offensive. The way my behavior [was].” 

In regards to finding out who made the decision to let her go from The Talk Osbourne goes on to add that HR refused to tell her. Osbourne then admitted that she told the show’s HR that some “dirt” had gone on at the company that she knew about. “And they were afraid of me because I’m not afraid to say what I feel,” Osbourne declared. “And they just wanted me gone. Because when I started talking about things that had gone on on the show before, they got very, very nervous.”