‘The View’ Co-Host Elizabeth Hasselbeck Reveals If She Will Return To Show After Meghan McCain’s Exit

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for KLOVE)

Now that Meghan McCain is no longer a host on “The View” on ABC, will this lead to former host Elizabeth Hasselbeck returning?

Well, Hasselbeck did post a question on her Instagram account. She did that on Monday and focused on a possible return to the talk show.

A PopCulture article reveals where she is sitting about this decision.

“With all that is happening in the world… there are times I do miss the blessing of being a voice for certain causes at the hot topics table of ‘The View,’” Hasselbeck wrote. “Though some time has passed, and I’m #morechilllessshrill – I ask God to lead me when it comes to stepping in and out of that type of arena.”

Former Panelist Of ‘The View’ Admits She’s Asked God For Guidance

At this time, the former host does not have a certain answer around coming back.

Hasselbeck appeared on “The View” between 2003 and 2013. She said that her career is focusing on public speaking appearances.

“I’m still that woman who is listening and ready to go for what He asks of me and of our family,” she wrote. “I’m a well-trained pinch-runner.”

As for travel, Hasselbeck confirmed that Nashville will remain her home. “Travel and remotes are possible – but y’all we are not uprooting from this amazing city. It has been goooooooood to us!”

So it looks like she is not ready to go back and join “The View” at this time.

McCain Planning On Audiobook Memoir About Her Life, Time on TV

What’s up next for Meghan McCain? Well, the now-former “The View” host will be doing an audiobook memoir about her time on the show.

People said her book, “Bad Republican”, addresses “McCain’s experience as the daughter of an American icon, a conservative rebel, and a new mother.”

It will come out soon after leaving the ABC show. McCain had stirred up plenty of controversies.

Among her reasons for leaving include how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her looking at life and priorities.

While Hasselbeck remains a possibility, rumors are also swirling around former host Debbie Matenopoulos. There is a chance she comes back to “The View” and takes the spot of McCain.

Well, those rumors that were written up by The Daily Mail could end up with a strong possibility.

“Her rep has, in fact, been having conversations with senior executives at ABC News over the past few months about many things,” a spokesperson for Matenopoulos told Entertainment Tonight. That includes “her participation in celebrating the 25th season of ‘The View’, and she appreciates all the interest in her returning.”

The show is on a summer break at this time. “The View” will return with new programs starting on Labor Day in September.