‘The View’ Co-Host Whoopi Goldberg Goes off on Cancel Culture: ‘The Truth Doesn’t Seem to Matter’

by Michael Freeman
Photo credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for American Express

Tuesday, “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg made her thoughts on cancel culture very clear. She expressed her thoughts during an interview with journalist Jackie Adedeji at the Edinburgh TV Festival. Saying “the truth doesn’t seem to matter much these days,” the star is sick of it.

Early on in the interview, Goldberg mentioned an instance when she joked about George W. Bush in 2004. Adedeji asked if she felt as if she’d been canceled.

“No. I would describe that situation as a lot of people covering their backsides, because the joke was never about him,” Goldberg responded.

“But no one ever stood up and said, ‘Hey, here’s what actually happened.’ And they put it in the newspaper. And you notice, they’d never seen what I exactly said, or what I said at all. But all somebody has to do is say you said it.”

Goldberg Directly Addresses Cancel Culture

Noting she feels like the truth doesn’t matter anymore, Goldberg directly addressed cancel culture. “Because there is cancel culture, people will call or text and say ‘I’m not buying your product. This is who you have talking about your product, me and my five million followers — if you keep her — we’re not going to buy your car, or we’re not going to buy your shampoo or we’re not going to buy your toothbrush or we’re not going to buy your Pampers.”

Whoopi Goldberg then said after her Bush remark she was out of work for five years. It wasn’t until she was on “The View” she seemed to recover.

“Lucky for me, Barbara Walters offered me a job and said, ‘Hey, would you like to do this?’ And I was like, ‘You know, I’m not in favor in the general public.’ She said, ‘You’ll be perfect.'”

Though she lost five years of work, Goldberg’s status at the time seemed to work in her favor regarding “The View.”

Explaining Whoopi Goldberg’s Occasional Absences From ‘The View’

Earlier this year, Whoopi Goldberg was absent from “The View,” but because of something different from cancel culture. Missing a week of the show, fans became concerned for Goldberg, but it was later revealed to be a result of her sciatica.

Sciatica refers to pain along the sciatic nerve, often resulting in tension along the lower back and hips. It typically affects one side of the body and is debilitating in some cases. Fellow “The View” co-host Joy Behar expressed being worried about her, “but I think it’s under control.”

The absence this year was so pronounced Ana Navarro, who usually only appears on Friday’s episodes, took Goldberg’s position as the 5th host.

Goldberg also temporarily left the show before because of her sciatica, making it a problem she’s had to deal with for some time.