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‘The View’: Meghan McCain Reportedly Been ‘Miserable’ Ever Since Joining Show 4 Years Ago

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for TIME Inc.

“The View” has lost one of its co-hosts. Meghan McCain has left the long-running morning talk show and doesn’t plan on returning. According to inside sources, McCain was miserable during her time on the show, starting four years ago.

As a show that promises to discuss all sides of issues, “The View” brought McCain on to voice the conservative point of view. But over the past four years, McCain, the daughter of once president hopeful John McCain, has got in a lot of arguments with her co-hosts. In fact, these arguments reportedly stressed out McCain during her tenure on the show.

An anonymous source discussed McCain’s decision to leave with Page Six recently.

“She’s been wanting to get out, especially since she now lives in the DC area with her family. She doesn’t want to come back to New York and be a part of that show. She’s been miserable since she started,” the source said.

Reportedly, ABC wasn’t happy with McCain’s decision to leave. The network reportedly attempted to persuade McCain to stay on for another season of “The View.” They created an offer for McCain, reportedly offering her a position on another program as well.

“No — I’m done! I’m not staying anymore,'” the source continued. “ [They] even offered a contributor role on ABC News, which she turned down. She’s just had enough. She doesn’t need it anymore — she really doesn’t need it.”

Meghan McCain Leaves ‘The View’

Meghan McCain first joined “The View” back in 2017. Over the next few years, McCain often clashed with her co-hosts on hot button issues. McCain grew unhappy with the role, especially after ABC reshuffled its upper management. McCain reportedly chose to leave the show her own accord.

“[McCain] no longer had the climate of protection she had under [former ABC News president] James Goldston,” the source said. “When he was there, there was this sense of retribution if you didn’t get along with Meghan. She would act out, yell at the audience, guests, and fight with her co-hosts [on-air], but there was never an ‘OK, you have to get along with your co-hosts.”

In a prepared statement, ABC commented on McCain’s decision to leave the “The View” and her time on the show.

ABC responded to McCain’s exit in a statement. “For the past four years, Meghan McCain has brought her fierce determination and vast political knowledge and experience to ‘The View.’ She recently came to us with her decision to depart the show at the end of this season, a difficult choice that she made for her and her family that we respect and understand. We wish the best for Meghan as she plans her next chapter, and thank her for the passion and unique voice that she shared with us and our viewers each day.”