‘The View’: Meghan McCain Taking Heat Over Comment About Vice President Kamala Harris

by Evan Reier

Member of The View and outspoken personality Meghan McCain is receiving backlash for recent comments about Vice President Kamala Harris. Harris has recently been approaching issues with immigration and foreign policy.

It was a recent NBC News interview from the current vice president that prompted McCain’s comments. After seeing the interview, McCain spoke on Harris’ demeanor.

“Vice President Harris was in Guatemala this week telling people seeking asylum in the U.S. not to come,” McCain said. “Warning that they will be sent back. She is also taking heat for not visiting our own border yet, saying she’ll go at some point.”

At that point, the show welcomed Iowa Senator Joni Ernst. When opening the conversation on the topic to Ernst, she added the comments that sparked backlash.

“I thought [Kamala Harris] sounded like a moron when she was talking to Lester Holt,” The View host said. “Her nervous laugh is making me nervous that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

The View Star Meghan McCain Called Out on Social Media

It didn’t take long for folks to respond, whether they watch The View or not. After all, McCain is often in the spotlight for comments that get people talking.

Names big and small sounded off on McCain. For example, singer and younger sister of Dolly Parton, Stella Parton, called out the panelist.

“Moron? How can Meghan McCain call anyone a moron when some of us think she doesn’t have a grasp on reality herself. If you want respect you really do need to give respect. It’s immature and childish to name call someone much more accomplished than yourself. Poor Meghan.”

One user, @Jungle915, mentioned McCain’s familial background in his response to her comments. Famously, McCain is the daughter of legendary politician John McCain, who passed in 2018.

“The nerve of Meghan McCain,” he wrote. “In all her mediocrity, to say VP Harris sounded like a moron is just…wow. Seriously, what value does this poster girl of nepotism bring to #TheView?”

Another user framed her comments in her role on The View.

“When I see #TheView trending I can safely assume that it’s Meghan McCain once again proving that intelligence and humanity are not necessarily hereditary. Can’t Whoopi and the rest vote her off the island?” @stevec50 said.

@BFarrity specifically addressed McCain’s comments by trying to explain the “nervous laugh” the host took issue with.

“Literally what?!” the user wrote. “It was barely a laugh – She was in the middle of speaking, was interrupted with the same question, and so she *nicely* told the reporter that she was in the midst of answering the very question she was interrupted with. Not sure what the criticism is for…”