‘The View’: Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg Apologize After Heated Moment Prompts Commercial Break

by Amy Myers

Political discussion plus passionate The View hosts can sometimes equal awkward on-air situations. This is precisely what happened in today’s episode. Hosts Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg came to a disagreement when discussing a recent press interview with President Joe Biden. The celebrities became noticeably cross with each other before the show paused for a commercial break, leaving viewers wondering how the rift would resolve.

‘The View’ Gets a Taste of What Happened on ‘The Talk’

Since Sharon Osbourne’s dramatic exit from The Talk, it seems that the popular daytime shows are at a high point for outbursts. And The View is no exception. With discussions frequently revolving around hot-button issues, it’s no wonder the hosts take such definitive stances. However, this can lead to problems for the celebrities, the show and the network.

As viewers witnessed with The Talk, disagreement over a current event can cause dire consequences to a host’s career, depending on her reaction. Unfortunately for Osbourne, she discovered this first-hand when she and her co-hosts quarreled over Piers Morgan’s response to a recent royal family interview. Topics about race surfaced, and eventually, Osbourne was released from the show due to her controversial comments.

What Topic Made the Hosts So Upset?

Although The View’s recent episode did not end in any career-altering consequences, the conversation between Goldberg and McCain was enough to make viewers hold their breath.

The two hosts of the popular talk show began discussing Joe Biden’s behavior in the post-Vladimir Putin press conference yesterday.

According to Deadline, CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins asked a question that irked the president. In his response, President Biden said, “Where the hell … what do you do all the time?” When Collins continued with a clarifying follow-up question, the president responded, “If you don’t understand that, you are in the wrong business.”

Later, upon reflection, President Biden addressed the press, “I owe my last questioner an apology. I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy for the answer I gave.”

On The View’s discussion of the press conference, McCain claimed that had the remark come from former president Donald Trump, the media would have reprimanded him. As Goldberg began to argue that President Biden gave an apology quickly following the outburst, her co-host interrupted, “With all due respect I don’t care if he’s apologizing.”

So began the short but strained stand-off.

The hosts then traded “I don’t care that you don’t care’s.”

And then “You can be how you always are’s” before the show cut to a commercial break.

What Happened After the Break?

Following the commercial break, it seemed the hosts of The View avoided the cautionary outcome that The Talk saw. Both women apologized to each other for exhibiting “rude” behavior before continuing with the remainder of the show.

“I didn’t need to say what I said and I apologize because that’s not the way I want to behave at work,” Goldberg expressed.

“Well I apologize too, Whoopie,” McCain followed.