‘The View’ Received Worst Ratings of the Season During Whoopi Goldberg’s Suspension

by Matthew Memrick

Whoopi Goldberg returned from her “The View” suspension to learn that the show’s ratings dropped during her absence.

The New York Post reports that a source said Goldberg is “strutting around the place” and even “peacocking” over the news.

ABC suspended her for a week and a half, and the drop-off showed. The popular show lost 283,000 viewers during that time. It was a season-low among the 18-49 and the 25-54 age groups.

When the actress/host returned, the show got 113,000 viewers week-to-week or 2.3 million viewers total. The Post said the Nielsen rating numbers were notably the biggest week-to-week gain for any daytime series show.

Sure, Goldberg’s return wasn’t big enough to get the show back to what it was like before the suspension, but the network executives did see the boost.

Goldberg’s Suspension Came Over Holocaust Comments

On Jan. 31, many bristled at Goldberg’s comment that the Holocaust was “not about race.” She apologized the next day, saying the tragedy was about race because Adolph Hitler and the Nazis believed Jews were an inferior race. 

Later that night, the network suspended her. 

ABC News president Kim Godwin responded to Goldberg’s comments, saying they were “wrong and hurtful.” In a statement, Godwin acknowledged Goldberg’s statement while saying that she asked the host to “take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments.”

Reportedly, Goldberg was “livid” and told some of her co-workers she considered quitting.

But her anger has turned into joy as the ratings show she’s an asset to “The View.”

When the star returned on Feb. 14, she said she would keep having “tough conversations” on the show despite the suspension moment. Goldberg added, “because that’s what we’ve been hired to do.”

Goldberg makes between $5 million and $8 million per year after Deadline reported that she signed a four-year deal to be on the show last September. 

‘The View’ In Hot Water Again Over British Royalty Words?

Earlier this week, Goldberg had to stop one theory about Queen Elizabeth’s recent COVID diagnosis.

The Daily Express noted that the TV host “intervened” when co-host Sunny Hostin inferred that Camila Bowles infected the 95-year-old woman.

Hostin said that the Dutchess of Cornwall may not have followed the rules when being around the queen.

The 74-year-old woman picked up the virus days after the Prince of Wales got his second bout of COVID. Bowles conducted several engagements as Prince Charles found out about his test. Hostin went on to say Camilla or Charles passed along the disease, and Goldberg had to step in.

She interjected: “Maybe she just got it in the air like everybody else.”

Hostin continued: “Well, Camilla doesn’t follow rules of obligations of people that are married.” 

Goldberg asked Hostin to stop, and then the conversation moved on.