‘The View’ Reportedly Taking Page From ‘Jeopardy!’ Playbook Testing Guest Hosts Following Meghan McCain Exit

by Emily Morgan

After Meghan McCain announced she would exit “The View” later this year, the show is taking their time to find her replacement on the talk show. Now, it looks like “The View” might follow a formula set by another award-winning TV show. 

Although the show has thrown out several names as McCain’s successor, it appears the show will incorporate a guest-hosting schedule similar to that of “Jeopardy!” Rather than quickly replacing McCain with someone else, the network will reportedly bring in various guest hosts after the conservative co-host makes her exit. 

According to reports from Page Six, the show’s goal is to find the “right person” to take over that particular place, as opposed to just filling the seat as soon as they can. Currently, ABC has not released a list of guest hosts. Still, viewers can probably expect several different personalities to join the ladies — something “Jeopardy!” has been doing since the start of 2021. 

However, unlike the quiz show, the morning talk show’s guest host roster will likely include right-leaning guest hosts, similar to McCain. Yet, it will take someone with thick skin to join the group of strong personalities. 

‘The View’ Reportedly Following Similar Formula to ‘Jeopardy!’

The list of guest hosts will feature some well-known faces. Currently, outlets have reported that former guest hosts and CNN correspondent Ana Navarro is a solid contender to replace McCain. In addition, Page Six reported that Navarro’s permanent spot on the show would be a significant financial investment for the network. 

Navarro currently lives in Florida and not in New York, where “The View” is taped, meaning she probably needs more dollar signs to make the trek. 

“Ana has a big following and is beloved,” a source told Page Six. “She likes being part-time at ‘The View.’ She appears on other shows and is big on the speaking-tour market and probably makes a lot of money from it. She lives in Florida and doesn’t want to move to New York. They’d have to pay her well.”

For new mom Meghan McCain, the transition from taping at home to taping back in the studio is part of the reason for her exit. McCain recently welcomed a baby girl and would rather be home in Washington D.C. with her family. 

McCain’s final day on “The View” will be Aug. 6. She also recently teased she may leave Twitter that day too. 

Although the future of “The View” is up in the air, it seems like “Jeopardy!” is getting closer and closer to finding a permanent replacement for the late Alex Trebek.

As of now, viewers of “Jeopardy!” have seen 13 guest hosts since January. While it will be challenging to replace Trebek, who hosted the classic quiz show for over 37 years, someone will soon be stepping into Trebek’s shoes.