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‘The Voice’ Alum Adam Levine and Wife Own an Incredible Ranch-Style Home: Take a Tour

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Daniele Venturelli/WireImage,)

Despite the simplicity in ‘The Voice’ star Adam Levine and his wife Behati Prinsloo’s California home, it projects peace and elegance with a certain minimalistic charm.

The couple shared their spacious ranch-style home with Architectural Digest, illuminating the inspiration for their sanctuary in the city.

And according to the couple, simple is best.

Encompassing light and natural feels, the home is an area for escapism, PopCulture reported.

Offering an expanse array of greenery, the home feels away from the clutches of L.A. living. A large kitchen makes way into a formal dining area, with neutral tones and subtle decor. The area is set for friends and family, with a coziness captured by its inviting architecture.

Art Designs in the Adam Levine Home

From the modern, sleek furniture designs to the minimalistic set-up, the home offers a space for art to be the main focus.

Levine and Prinsloo gushed over their favorite pieces of art that adorn each room. The art, they said, gives it a bold focal point or drawing in color from the otherwise neutral setting.

The two described how art often inspired the scene. The juxtaposition of sleek furniture designs and minimal decor pairs well against the colorful art selections. While the rooms are minimalistic, they are designed for their children, the pair said.

“We love the low furniture so we don’t have to worry about the children running into it,” Prinsloo said on the tour.

Levine’s admiration for art is no secret. He recently adorned his body with a time-consuming tattoo. The music guru draws inspiration from many influencers, he said.

Simplicity Doesn’t Mean Un-Extravagant for Levine

While the famous duo enjoys simpler decor, the area is by no means un-exquisite. The home is garnished with his-and-her walk-in closets, fully equipped to handle Levine’s sport shoe collection.

With a full “wet room” encompassed in the master bath, the family has an area where the children can freely splash water. In the same space, their parents can shower without the added mess.

A sauna is a nice touch to the master suite, and one where Levine said he “basically lives.”

Perhaps the highlight of the 20th-Century home is the custom bar area. Surrounded in lowlight and harnessing earthy tones, the place looks attune to a European chic hangout.

Featuring shelves full of top-rated liquor, the couple says it’s a very much an “adult setting”. While describing the feel of the area, Levine pointed out his many awards, which he says go along with the intimate setting.