‘The Voice’: Are Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande Allies or Enemies?

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Between their bickering and fierce competitiveness, you might think that The Voice judges Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande don’t get along too well. But for every savage comment towards each other, a genuine compliment is right on its heels. It’s hard to define the relationship between the two all-star singers, but thankfully, they helped their fans with that.

In preparation for next Monday’s live episode, The Voice released a video that showed just how complicated a relationship Grande and Shelton have. From the moment they sat beside each other, it seems that the odd rivalry/alliance began.

When the question first came up, even the stars themselves didn’t really know how to answer the question. However, after some deliberation with their fellow judges, they seemed to come to a consensus that they were neither friends nor enemies – but perhaps something completely different.

“Blake is very nice and allie-ish when it benefits him,” Grande told The Voice host Carson Daly.

Meanwhile, Shelton claimed to be helping the newcomer out when he’s “not in the mix.” Grande, on the other hand, shared that she was taking a more honest approach, calling the shots as she sees fit.

Still, though, fellow judges Kelly Clarkson and John Legend felt there was some favoritism going on. Legend theorized that this was a tactic of Shelton’s. The goal was to keep himself in the good graces of the pop star’s loyal fanbase. And so far, it’s working.

‘The Voice’ Judge Blake Shelton Suggests a More Familial Bond with Ariana Grande

Meanwhile, The Voice judge Grande is well aware of Shelton’s game, and she isn’t falling for any of his tricks – especially his flattery.

“It’s a really nice tactic. I know you’re attempting to use it to win. I just don’t know that it’s gonna work,” Grande told Shelton.

But Shelton insisted that he only had good intentions.

“Can’t you just take it as, ‘I look at you like a granddaughter?'” the country star asked.

While this might have just been a joke, the relationship kind of makes sense. Grande is quite a sassy granddaughter and Shelton is the typical southern no-nonsense grandfather.

Later on, the two The Voice judges kept up the ruse when Shelton expressed that he was very upset with Grande. Apparently, the pop star hadn’t taken his side in some matter, so the country star came stomping through the set.

“That’s what I sound like when I’m mad, when I stomp my feet,” Shelton said. “‘Cause I thought we were friends. You stabbed me in the back.”

Of course, Shelton was only joking, and as he walked – or as Grande explained, “clomped” – away, he tld her, “You’re not my granddaughter anymore.”

The cherry on top was Grande’s classic response.

“Grandpa, wait! Where am I gonna go for Christmas now?”