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‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Asks Fans for Name of Bobblehead, Gets Hilarious Responses

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The first episode of the 20th season of “The Voice” aired on Monday (March 1) on NBC. On the first episode, the teams for coaches Blake Shelton, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Nick Jonas began to take shape.

Each of the coaches presented their team members with gifts. Shelton’s chosen gift was a bobblehead. And in the typical style of the humorous country music star, the bobbleheads aren’t small versions of himself. They are small versions of actor Jonah Hill. However, Blake Shelton said he is telling the members of his team that the bobbleheads actually depict him.

Shelton kept the humor going on Tuesday (March 2). He took to his Twitter account Tuesday evening to ask fans to give his bobblehead a name.

“I think the bobble needs a nickname. Tell me what y’all think below #TeamBlake#TheVoice,” Shelton tweeted.

Fans Share Humorous Names for ‘Blake Shelton’ Bobblehead

Blake Shelton’s fans were more than happy to offer names for his bobblehead via Twitter. And, those suggestions are pretty hilarious.

Here are a few of them: “Shake n Blake”; “Bubble Pop Blakelectric”; “Fake Shelton!”; “Bobblin’ Blake to go along with Shufflin’ Shelton”; “Hollywood”; “Shakey Head Shelton”; “Baby Bobble Blake …. the triple threat”; “His Blakeness”; “Blake 2.0”; and “Fake Blake.”

One fan even offered three suggestions for the bobblehead’s name: “Boot Scootin Blake or Baby Face Blake or Banked on Blake,” this fan posted.

Another fan thought Blake Shelton should ask a very special person to help him name the bobblehead. “I think we should leave this one up to @gwenstefani. Just sayin,” the fan shared.

Shelton Reunites with Nashville Singer on Premiere of ‘The Voice’

That familiar face was Nashville singer Pete Mroz, who appeared on stage with Shelton during the 1990s. When Mroz took the stage and began singing “Can’t Find My Way Home,” Shelton did not know it was someone he knew behind him. John Legend was the first coach to turn his chair around while Mroz performed. Shelton was second.

During the back-and-forth between the judges, Mroz told them that he wrote songs in Nashville years ago and went by the name Pete Mitchell and was in a group called the “Young Riders.” It was then that Blake Shelton realized he knew Mroz from years ago.

“I was also in a group called the ‘Young Riders,’ with Pete,” Shelton said with a look of surprise on his face. “… I haven’t seen this guy in 25 years.”

In celebration of his reunion with Pete Mroz and the singer joining his team, Blake Shelton shared a photo of them together on stage decades ago via Twitter. You can check that photo out below.