‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Doesn’t Care if You’re Mad About Him Playing Favorites

by Anna Dunn

The Voice coach Blake Shelton doesn’t care if you’re mad about him playing favorites. In a surprising moment last night, Shelton made the incredibly rare move of telling his team member, Wendy Moten, that he was hoping she’d take the win. It was a very rare moment where a coach decided to play favorites.

Last night, the 20 remaining contestants all sang for a spot in the next rounds, where only 13 will advance to the end. But Wendy Moten once again stood out from the crowd, and her coach didn’t mince words when it came to rolling out the compliments.

It should come as no shock to fans that Shelton wants to see Wendy Moten take the win. Even in the blind auditions, he described her performance as one of the “top three blind auditions of all time.” And the singer has continued to wow with each round, becoming what many view as a shoe in for the win.

When her rendition of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You brought down the house last night, Shelton said that he doesn’t are if he catches heat for his favoritism.

“I’ll probably catch a lot of heat for it, but I don’t care. I’ve been doing this show for 21 seasons now as a coach. There is nobody I want this more for — ever — than you. You deserve this. You deserve this,” he said.

Moten has a Professional Background, but Struggled to Make a Name For Herself

Before Moten joined The Voice, she had some success in the 90s with her single Come In Out of The Rain, but unfortunately, she just couldn’t gain traction in the music industry. Since the release of that single, she’s worked as a backup singer for multiple professional performers.

During her blind audition, the coaches showered her with praise. Ariana Grande said it was a privilege for the celebrities Moten worked with to be able to work with her. Ultimately, while she got a four chair turn, she wound up going with Blake Shelton. That choice may have just won Blake Shelton yet another season of The Voice.

Last night, Shelton wasn’t the only one to shower Moten with praise. Kelly Clarkson also chimed in about how fantastic her performance was.

“I’m obsessed with you. You are so gifted. That is such a big song. Don’t think I missed that little run you did. I was like, ‘What?’ You’re so incredible. It’s insane if you don’t make the finale,” she said.

It would be insane if she didn’t make the finale, but there’s still plenty of competition left. If you want to follow along as The Voice continues its live rounds, it airs every Monday and Tuesday night at 8/7 central.