‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson Boast Big Teams Heading into Top 8

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Celebrity Fight Night)

The Voice just revealed which contestants made it through to the Top 8, and let’s just say Teams Kelly and Blake are more than happy with the results. Prior to tonight’s episode, the two judges had three contestants each, a sizeable amount for this far into the season. And though they only had just one more vocalist than the other two teams, this gave them a huge advantage heading into the next round.

Prior to tonight’s elimination round, Kelly Clarkson had Girl Named Tom, Jeremy Rosada and Hailey Mia left on her team. Meanwhile, Blake Shelton had Wendy Moten, Lana Scott and Paris Winningham. After The Voice counts came in, Shelton found out that he would get to keep all three of his vocalists. As for Clarkson, she had to say goodbye to just one – Rosada.

While Clarkson certainly hoped to keep Rosada on her team, she was still thrilled to have her trio and Mia by her side. And, not surprisingly, Shelton was over the moon that not only did his three survive the round, but not one of them was even in the bottom three. Because of this, none of the Team Blake contestants had to sing for the Instant Save vote.

The Voice judges boasted their talent-packed teams on social media following the eliminations.

“The team is still together and feeling strong!!! Let’s do this thing!!!! Lana, @ParisWinningham, @wendymoten#TeamBlake#TheVoice,” Shelton tweeted along with a team selfie.

Meanwhile, Clarkson showed off her The Voice winners with Instagram followers.

“Team Kelly heading into the top 8!! We’ve got some fun songs to work on and can’t wait for y’all to see them next week! @[email protected]#TeamKelly#TheVoice,” The Voice coach wrote.

One ‘The Voice’ Team Is Down to Just One Remaining Contestant

Unfortunately, while Shelton and Clarkson celebrated their team numbers, one The Voice coach only had one remaining contestant. After the Instant Save, Ariana Grande had only the father-son duo, Jim & Sasha Allen, left. Her other vocalist, Holly Forbes, lost the vote to competing coach John Legend’s Jershika Maple.

Yesterday, during the Challenge Week performances, Forbes performed “Last Dance” by Donna Summer. While Forbes was hitting all the notes, she didn’t seem to give this song the same power that she had in the past. Because of that, her voice seemed to get lost in the music, and she received lukewarm comments from The Voice coaches.

Tonight, Forbes chose to perform “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson as her Instant Save song. While this ended up being her last cover on The Voice, she left the show on a high note and gave an emotional performance.