‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton May Be Sticking Around Longer than Expected

by Jonathan Howard

As one of the original coaches on the show, Blake Shelton has been on The Voice for 10 years and almost 21 seasons. How many years does he have left? Fans would like to see the country music singer stay and they might get their wish.

It was been a question on a lot of folks’ minds for some time now. Shelton has been on with the show for over 500 episodes and has put in a lot of time on the show. Other coaches have come and gone, but he has stayed. Even with the touring, album recordings, songwriting, and other projects that he has going on. Now that he is a married man, he might have other priorities.

For The Voice veteran, it might come down to a simple change on the show. Shelton won’t have to worry about being on TV as much as the show switches to just a single season a year.

“I don’t know, I mean something’s got to give at some point. I’m running out of advice. The fact that we’re going to one season a year next year really helps me a lot because now I can, you know, watch the Home Shopping Network and all that stuff, and really learn how to resell myself again.”

There might be only so much one can say when it comes to encouraging singers. Those two seasons a year are pretty intense. With half the work on his plate as far as the show in concerned, Shelton can probably breathe a bit better. This season is exciting as usual. Things are getting down to the bare bones and there are only 13 acts remaining.

Since Blake Shelton isn’t hanging his hat up yet, he still has work to do on The Voice.

‘The Voice’ Fans are Upset with Blake Shelton

Right now, Blake Shelton might not be the most popular coach on The Voice. There are fans that feel he has chosen one singer over another on his team. Something that is a big no-no on the show. The Knockout Rounds at the beginning of the month brought the drama to the show.

It went down like this, the rounds went on and Shelton had to choose between Carson Peters or Lana Scott. When it came down to the performance they put on stage that night, Shelton had to go with Scott. While that upset fans, what he said about Wendy Moten really got them going. After her performance, he was blown away.

“I’ll probably catch a lot of heat for it, but I don’t care. I’ve been doing this show for 21 seasons now as a coach. There is nobody I want this more for – ever – than you. You deserve this. You deserve this,” the singer said.

Those are strong words from The Voice coach.