‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Says One Coach ‘Came Out Swinging’ During Blind Auditions

by Anna Dunn

The Voice coach and country superstar Blake Shelton just said that one coach really “came out swinging” during blind auditions. The Voice, will return on September 20th and feature three returning coaches and one new coach. Amongst the returning coaches are Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend. Joining the coaches for the first time is pop icon Ariana Grande.

Grande will replace judge Nick Jonas. Jonas, like many of the judges, often exchanged hilarious banter with Shelton. It’s likely Shelton will try to continue this trend with Grande.

And according to Shelton, Grande is absolutely fierce as a competitor.

“She is a tiny human being, but she is a fierce competitor,” he told Sirius XM’s Storme Warren in a recent interview. Thankfully, Shelton loves some good competition.”She’s a blast.”

“She was super competitive in the blinds to the point where she was really funny,” he said “I guess I just didn’t know what to expect from her, but I didn’t expect her to just come out swinging like she did.”

Now, it looks like the blind auditions have officially wrapped up, and Grande said in a post that she can’t wait for the world to see the team she picked on The Voice.

“Hello @nbcthevoice can September 20th hurry up please ?” the “Into You” singer wrote in an Instagram caption. “i love my #teamariana and i am waiting quite impatiently to be able to follow them all on Instagram and to show you their work and for the world to fall in love with them the way i have !!!!!!!”

People who have reportedly auditioned have nothing but nice things to say about the pop star.

Ariana Grande was A Huge Fan of ‘The Voice’ Before Joining as a Coach

Another thing that helped Grande out is that she’s a massive fan of The Voice.

“She’s been a fan of the show for a long time and she knew the process,” Shelton said. “A lot of the times, a new coach comes in and we kind of have to walk them through, ‘Okay, here’s what this part of the show is and here’s how it works. There’s a steal, there’s a save, don’t be afraid to say this.'” But Grande reportedly knew everything there as to know about how The Voice works.

Grande wouldn’t be the only one who can’t wait until The Voice gets started this year. The singer has a massive legion of fans who are thrilled they get to see her on TV every week, and ratings for the voice will likely reflect that. But as far as competition goes, Blake Shelton and the rest of the coaches are determined to give the new coach a run for her money.